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Welcome, Allison Wechsler & DB

Latest Activity

Allison Wechsler & DB replied to Mrs Dominatrix's discussion Ballbusting event
"I also, think that if a girl fails to drop her subject then perhaps her BF of date for that night will have to step up and receive one shot from each girl still in the running. I have noticed that I actually get jealous when another girl racks D.…"
Oct 9
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Martial Artists

If you are a martial artist, were a martial artist, are interested in a martial art, or just want to watch, welcome!If you are a martial artist, post a comment saying what you have experience in, and for how long.See More
Sep 4
Allison Wechsler & DB replied to Mrs Dominatrix's discussion Ballbusting event
"Both of us would be quite interested, yet would definitely need a lot more specificity on location and cost for beginners.  Also, if it’s being filmed then would it be set up like a public contest which myself or D can play off if need…"
Sep 3
Allison Wechsler & DB commented on dvhour (Site Owner)'s blog post 3 DAY FETISH WEEKEND - BB and Hosiery Workshops Taught by Dvhour...
"How was the event?"
Sep 3
Allison Wechsler & DB posted a video

Women try getting KICKED in the BALLS

Women try getting KICKED in the BALLS. I found this very interesting and hadn’t seen it posted yet...
Aug 12
Allison Wechsler & DB updated their profile
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined dvhour (Site Owner)'s group

If U Love CB

This area is for CB lovers. Feel free to share links, videos, photos or any stories relating to CB. NOTE: This is a private group that you need to join in order to interact with folks. ThanksSee More
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined Smoo's group

Geeks, Nerds and Dorks

A happy home for all of us Nerds, Geeks and Dorks.  Talk about books, movies, random things and to bond in general silliness.  Idea conceived by Greeneyed and I!  :)See More
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined dvhour (Site Owner)'s group
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined dvhour (Site Owner)'s group
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined Wu's group

Under 30s Club

For all us youngn's who didn't have an age group to join until now ;) Whether you're in your late 20's, college aged, even if you just barely got out of high school, this group is for you. Many of us have it easiest to experience bb than our older friends, and most of them like watching our ladies bust more anyway! We can get busted in malls, schools, places that only we can get away with. Many of the best bb/cb videos come from us. We're the future of bb and cb. Let's make that future bright!!See More
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined joseph pipitone's group
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined Arnold O's group

Uniformed Services

A group for all members of our uniformed services. See More
Aug 2
Allison Wechsler & DB joined dvhour (Site Owner)'s group

BB Stories (Fiction)

This is an area for people who wish to tell fictional BB storiesSee More
Jul 24
Allison Wechsler & DB commented on Britney's video

Fun Kicks

"Yes, That kick at 1:17 was epic.  "
Jul 13

Profile Information

**PLEASE NOTE: ONE-WORD ANSWERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. WE PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO THIS WEBSITE, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE COMPLETELY. THANKS!** What Country are you from? How many languages can you speak? We have members from all over the world here; if English is not your first language, use Google Translate on our homepage.
USA and currently in California
How did you find this site? What drew you to this site? Please take these questions seriously; it helps to enrich the quality of this membership and gives others an idea of who you are, to better socialize in the chatroom and by messaging.
My new Boy Friend introduced me to it here and we quietly read and followed for a while. now we have decided to be a bit more involved. I have also rediscovered that I am into CB and have probably been since was in JHS
How long have you been into ballbusting and/or cuntbusting? And... what was your first experience like? (Give Details)
I wasn’t until recently. I mean, I had always considered it an unfair way to finish an argument with my brother or male friends which I admittedly took advantage of on a few occasions. When I was 11 or 12 , my older brother’s friend was teasing me. He pushed me into a corner. He was like 14 and I kicked my foot up and out to get him to back off. I was not aiming for anything in-reticulate yet Surprisingly, my foot caught him right between his legs. It was like a Stomp kick so my heel kicked his soft parts hard and to be honest all I felt was my heel kicking his pelvic bone. I guess his nuts were somewhere trapped in between. His reaction was priceless. He like froze as if he was in shock and then turned like seven shades of red as I guess he was trying to fight off the pain for as long as he could.... He lasted about 5-10 seconds before collapsing to the floor in what appeared to be some serious discomfort. Admittedly, It was hella funny. Watching him flop and roll about.
How many people have busted you or have you busted in your lifetime? How often do you have the urge to bust or be busted? (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
A few times over the years. My Brother more often. When I first set up this profile it was at my Boyfriends request so I was definitely much more shy about it then I am now. When I was younger, I guess around JHS threw HS I did enjoyed the nervous reaction and respect that boys had when I would threaten to kick them in their nuts and as far as delivering on those threats once in a while they would would only be delivered to the same 5 or 6 boys that were in our tight group of friends. Basically, I was a sort of an EMO Punk In HS so we were pretty tight. This was two other girls there than myself. We all did it, It was definitely flirting and to be funny more than anything else. The boys in our group I would definitely rack more or less consistently only cus they seemed to find it as funny as I did. And They definitely returned the favor on several occasions. Getting a shot to the vagina was definitely on the table as well. DB agrees at that age it was considered attention.
Describe the feeling you get when the busting occurs (aroused, funny, empowered...)? Are the reasons for the bust out of self defense or is it for your entertainment? Do you have a busting buddy?
When I was younger it was a way to get boys to leave me alone. As I got older, as I explained above it was more of a game and to get their attention in a flirtatious sort of way. It continued into early college, yet didn't happen as often as it did in HS. I suppose I sort of grew out of it. Then I met DB about two years ago and he was pretty straight forward about his kink. At first it i have to admire it was a bit awkward yet its growing on me :) He asked me to set this profile up so that I could learn more about it. Now its more or less consistent foreplay for us.
What's your favorite part of a bust (the kick, knee, punch) the 'ooowwww', the drop, rolling around, the inability to breathe...? (Give Details)
When I have done it, it has always been for the satisfaction of either ending a never ending argument with a solid simple shot between a boys legs or like I said flirting with boys in HS and my early College years. I personalty like the shock and surprise on the guys face when you connect just right. How their look goes from Shocked to the various ways a boy then has to manage it all. Every boy more or less ends up the same yet how they react is always very entertaining for me.
Have you ever seen someone hit so hard they passed out, puked, cried, lost breath, made funny noises, shivering on the floor...? (Give details on what you saw)
I've seen it all. Especially from DB over the last year after I spent a few month practicing on how to best deliver shots that seem to be really improving my game. He’s never vomited, yet I did see a few boys vomit after taking a decent shot to the nads during my College years, probably because they had been drinking too much prior to. I have a few stories that I don't mind sharing slowly over time.
Describe the most memorable or most favorite bust you ever experienced? (Give the background, the details about the moment of impact, both of your reactions, how you both felt afterwards, the injuries, you know stuff like this...)
As far as memorable goes, I guess I can go with one from my JHS days. Basically this loud mouth kid who was a on my school bus and was a year older than I. He was a frequent bully to all of us and I guess today I was who had decided he would pick on. Eventually he started to saying rude things to me which were actually hurting my feelings. I told him to shut up or he'd be sorry. He did't of course. I told him to shut up or I would shut him up and he laughed dismissing my second threat then increased his verbal abuse as his friends laughed along with begging him on. I kicked out hard and low at the spot that I new would shut him up, more as a warning for him to back off and just leave me alone already. I missed by a mile as he backed up and avoided my feeble attempt quite easily. This just made him all that more confident and he moved himself a bit closer as if to temp me to try yet miss again. He was safely way out of my range and he knew it. I have always been quite short in stature. Summer, one of my better friends was sitting a seat to my right and one behind where I was standing. She had hit quite a growth spurt that year and was definitely one of the taller girls in our class. He pushed out his hips a little to make fun of how badly i had failed saying vulgar stuff which was now not only incredibly rude but he started saying very cruel personnel things about me and my family and was about to say something else when his voice was cut short in mid sentence and the top of Summers foot shot out in a bluer and slammed hard between the front of his shorts which were fairly loose fitting sort of like basketball trunks. I remember the instep of her foot connected directly and buried very deep between his legs with a clear audible thud that silenced almost everyone on the bus in and instant. The top of her foot sort of froze their as it sank deeper. Both he and I were very surprised at how fast her foot was able to travel so far and so quickly. What made this so memorable was that I never really saw her leg shoot out ,just the impact and how hard it connected which could have probably got him for even a few more feet back which is about where he landed as the confident mocking expression on this face when from "you ant got Sh-t little girl" to "OH FUK". That adorable lack of complete comprehension that seems to be on every mans face when he initially realizes that that something or someone just connected with to his most tender parts. He fell back several feet onto his but and was curled up in the fetal position before he even hit the isle floor of the bus. He pressed his hands frantically between his legs and rocked back and forth making all sorts of hilarious faces and noises as the entire bus, even his best friends erupted in hysterical laughter. He was in a complete state of what appeared to be incomprehensible boy pain as i like to call it of course several kids including me yet i'm not proud of it today, mocked him insistently for the duration of our ride to school which was at least another 35 mins or so. As we departed the bus, he just remained all curled up in a very tight ball with a half conscious tortured expression on his face as I and the other kids had to step over him to exit. He p gagging , wheezing, the shaking and then back to the gasping the occasional inaudible pitchy sounds you all make sometimes when it really hurts for a longer than expected. Needless to say he put on quite a show for us all. When we arrive at school he still was unable to be moved and he did miss the next few days of school. I do recall him not taking the bus for at least another month. And wouldn't make eye contact with either Summer or I for the rest of the school year. Like I said he was in the next class up so we never saw him much other than on the bus and didn't really think much about the incident This description went on much longer than I expected it to be yet, DB asked me to go into more detail so their you go.

uy on the bus was pretty memorable yet it was more scary than a favorite because he looked to be in some serious shape and I was so worried that we had ruined to poor guy. As far as a Favorite....ummmm. let me think on that for a little bit and Ill get back to ya :)
What are your favorite ways to bust or be busted? (Choose as many as you like)
sneaker kick, boot kick, barefoot kick, back heel kick, wheel-barrel kick, barefoot stomp, barefoot gas-peddling, barefoot v-stomp, quick hard knee, quick punch hard, flick with fingers, throwing something

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