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As I mentioned in my other posts, I am really into doing sessions with female session wrestlers.  I did a session with this black female bodybuilder named Jazz (see link to pic below) a couple years back that was really memorable.  Jazz is apparently, in addition to being a bodybuilder, also a "domme." I told her I was into ballbusting, so one of the first things she did was told me to get on my knees. I asked her why and told her I did not like to be kicked from that position. She wouldn't listen. I was a little scared - she was wearing heals, and I felt really prone. I told her to start out light. I'm not sure if she knows what light means because she absolutely rifled me - much harder than I wanted. My balls hurt so bad. She turned around and was like "kiss my ass." I have never been to a domme before & this is not really my thing, but I was actually kinda scared (my balls hurt so bad & she didn't really go light when I asked her to - I figured at least if I did what she said it would buy me some time to recover). She made me kiss her ass repeatedly - which in retrospect I now find kinda sexy (I do love ass, and getting dominated by a tough black chick - who also happens to be a bodybuilder, is kinda sexy. I don't know about y'all, but I've always been kinda scared of black girls. One almost kicked my ass when I was in 5th & she was in 6th grade).

The next bust she did on me was a squeeze. She had me in a reverse head scissors, grabbed my balls, and squeezed way too hard. I couldn't tap fast enough. She was like "I thought you liked ballbusting?" I'm guessing she is used to guys who really like HARD busting (or she can't control her strength)

The last bust was the best. We were both standing up - I told her to just kick my ass.  She was throwing punches (including to the face) that I was trying to dodge (I wanted to get beat up, but can't quite shake the self-preservation instinct). While I was watching and dodging punches, she caught me completely off guard with a really solid, really hard knee that lifted me off the ground. I must have had the stupidest look on my face, cuz I didn't see it coming and didn't really even realize what happened for an instant or two. Then the pain. She could see I could barely stand up. She was like "get on your knees bitch!" Since I couldn't really stand any way, I did so. She got on my back & rear naked choked me.  This was probably the best knee I've ever felt - mostly bc she got it w/o me giving it to her. It really impressed upon me that a girl can kick you in the balls & you won't always see it coming. If it had been a real fight, I would have lost. It doesn't get sexier than that for me.

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Comment by Beatup Byagirl on November 13, 2011 at 8:08am
Anyone else go to session wrestlers?


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