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Just a story I wrote that turns me on. Let me know what you think....

I stand there, looking at her reflection in the mirror. The water from the shower still on her body, her hair wet and tangled. Her nipples hard from the cold air in the bathroom. Standing there with her hands on her hips, a glint in her eye she looks like a goddess. Leaning naked against the sink I start to picture what I would do to her. How I'm stronger and how she couldn't do anything to stop me.

Just for a second I close my eyes as the pleasure begins to build and spread through my body. I open my eyes and I hear her move. She's taken two steps and then I see a flash of movement between my legs. Her foot arrows up between my legs and slams perfectly into my unprotected balls. The force of the kick lifts me off my feet. She holds your foot there for a second, grinding my balls against my body and then lowers it and stands back.

I just stand there for a second. Mouth open in complete shock. Then the pain hits. I sink to my knees as I hold my balls with both hands. The pain is agony. She's timed her kick for when my balls are at their most sensitive. I kneel there, unable to think, unable to talk. All I'm aware of is the sickening pain spreading from my balls. I slump over on my side as I draw my knees up. Almost in the foetal position I'm moaning in pain. I can't believe what she's just done. As I lie there holding my aching nuts she stands over me looking down. Still naked, still wet she has a smile on her lips. I moan louder now as the pain becomes almost unbearable.

She squats down beside me and runs her fingers through my hair. "I'm sorry" she says mockingly. "Did that hurt?" and then she laughs. Taking every ounce of strength I have have left and through gritted teeth, I look up at her and hiss, "You bitch." She laughs again, louder this time as she runs her hand down my body. "Here" she says "Let me try and make it better." She forces my hands away from my balls. I can't even stop her I've been weakened so much and she take my balls in her hand. I moan again mostly from the pain but a little from the pleasure of her touch and then she squeezes. "Oh christ!!!" I scream. I try to pull her hands away but her fingers are dug in tight and all that results in is having my already aching balls getting pulled. I look up at her and see that glint in her eye again as she viscously digs her nails into my balls. She's staring me straight in the eye as she squeezes each ball in turn, watching my reaction. Seeing the agony on my face.

She leans in close to my face as she pulls on my balls, "Who's the bitch now?" I can't even answer the pain is so intense. My hands are over hers trying desperately to free my agonised sack from her vice grip. She stands up but is bent over so she can still hold me. She's standing between my legs and she forces them apart. I try to resist but a sharp tug on what she has in her hand takes all the fight out of me. I spread my legs. "Put your arms under your back" she says down to me. I look up with pain in my eyes. I almost feel sick. "W-w-what?" She squeezes harder than at any point before and she pulls my balls towards her. I scream as I'm forced to lift my body off the floor or risk losing my manhood. "Put your arms under your body!" I do as she says. I have no choice. She stands there, fingers digging into my sack stretching them to their limit. She looks at me with that smile on her lips again. "Don't you ever treat me like that again." With that, she finally lets go of my balls. For a second I feel relief but then she takes a step back. Realising she's standing between my legs and my balls are completely vulnerable I try to protect them as she swings her foot visciously. Having my arms under my back means I never had a chance. For the second time her foot makes perfect contact with my battered and pained balls. The sound of the contact echoes around the bathroom. The pain is making it difficult for me to focus. I've never been in this much agony before. I turn over on my side and draw my knees up again. Hands cupping my balls but not being able to do anything about the pain. Through clouded vision I see her look down at me. Curled up at her feet, completly defeated then she walks out. Leaving me alone and in agony on the floor of the bathroom.........

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Excellent story, very hot, I love it!
Thanks Mike!!! Much appreciated!!
excellent story...My favorite is when she kicks you and holds it there for a few seconds....very sexy
Got put in your place, huh? Good story.
Very good story! Thanks!



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