My First Ball Pain: Part 1 - Discovering my Kink

Growing up, I've always had a strange, almost instantaneous, natural fascination with balls and how embarrassingly easy it was for any girl to drop me to my knees with a simple hit or kick to my weak, vulnerable nuts, which dangled between my legs, almost begging anyone to hit them at any possible moment. What a rush.

And to make things even worse, nearly every single TV show, movie, book, and even the advertisments seemed to remind the world about my sensitive, boy balls. Plus, each strike to the nuts on TV was expected to be followed by a laugh from the characters on screen as well as viewers at home. Such a humiliating chuckle, especially when it came from a girl.

I think this fascination spawned from several moments from my past. For example, when I was growing, I saw a girl on a bus punch a boy in the balls crazy hard for seemingly no reason at all other than to have a good laugh and to show off the fact that she could hurt any guy so easily. Still hard to get that moment out of my mind.

I remember one of my best friends growing up always seemed to bring up nutshots in the worse possible moment for seemingly no reason at all. One time, we were making our own version of Jurassic Park as my mom filmed it with a video camera, and he decides that his character would somehow get hit in the nuts while shooting giant, fake dinosaurs made with a blanket draped over furniture and boxes. Then he proceeded to roll around on the floor crying out, "Oh, my nuts! Oh, my nuts!" So embarrassing! Bad enough it was in the movies. Now it's in my home! In front of my mom!

Then one summer, this same kid accidentally fell onto the edge of our above ground pool, breaking the wood panel inside with his nut sack! My mom carried him off as he squirmed in pain. Embarrassing again!

I remember one time getting a physical from a nun/nurse in front of my mother. Felt weird having some strange woman massaging my balls in front of her. Thinking about how easy it would be for this lady to simply squeeze my balls just a little too hard to cause me the excrutiating pain in my nuts that I've seen happen on TV so many times before.

Another close call that still racks my brain, but sadly not my balls, a group of my friends and I, an assortment of boys and girls, were all in a strange huddle like circle, shoulder to shoulder, probably telling secrets of some kind. When suddenly my grade school crush at the time, who was super cute in a Punky Brewster sort of way. Hey, I was young, and she has this bad ass chick vibe going on. And suddenly, while in this little huddle, she kicks the boy right next to me in the nuts really hard! Sending him crumpling to the floor. And I just had to watch as this boy lived out one of my ultimate secret fantasies right there next to me with the girl of my dreams just laughing away at his ball pain. I wanted to know that pain! 

Another time, a group of girls locked me in a room with them and started vigorously asking me about boners as they stared at my crotch awaiting to see if I would get a boner just from them talking about it. I didn't get one until later in the day when I thought about how oddly sexy that moment kind of was.

As I was starting to get a little older, I would hang out at the mall, and this cute punk girl told me that she would absolutely love to have a group of guys line up in front of her, so she could punch each one in the balls, one right after the other. In that moment, I knew that I would have loved that more than ever, but I would most likely come off as a weirdo for wanting to be first in line for a punch in the nuts. So I said nothing. Still regret it to this day.

So many close calls, but still I have yet to feel the pain and humiliation of getting my nuts hurt, even though I've wanted it so badly.

Then that day finally came, and it was wonderful. It was everything that I had dreamed that it would be.

To be continued...

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Comment by Jack ENVY on October 19, 2019 at 6:33pm

Thank you! Glad you liked it! Any favorite parts or questions?

Comment by anonymous on October 14, 2019 at 5:31pm

Wow,,haha..fantastic stuff.


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