I started studying taekwondo when I was 11, and stuck with it until I graduated highschool (the college I went to was too far from the school to continue so I had to give it up when I moved away). For those of you who don't know, taekwondo is like 90% kicking. Grappling isn't even allowed in sparring matches; it's nothing but strikes. In the organization I studied in, you couldn't hit below the waist, you couldn't hit the back, and hand strikes could only go to the body - too many people were getting broken noses, I guess. You could kick to the head, though, and I suppose that's why it became all about kicking.  It's probably pretty bad in an actual fight, but it's great as a competitive sport.

So for most of my developmental years, being the budding ball breaker that I was, I spent multiple days a week attending classes that involved sparring sessions where we pretty much just kicked at each other nonstop. I'm sure you can all see where this is going ;)  The sparring was light contact and required control - you're trying to land touches that aren't real hits and don't hurt. As we went up in belts, the contact got harder but it was never full force. But in a sport where people are sparring all the time, mistakes are bound to happen.

Cups were a required part of the uniform for boys, and the teachers gave occasional reminders that they all needed to wear them because I guess boys don't like to. They'd tell tales about "cup checks," threatening that someday they'd go down the line smacking each boy in the groin to make sure they're wearing their cups. They never actually did that, but it shows you the culture of the school - if you get your balls racked, it's your own fault for not wearing a cup. And this, my friends...this was like a paradise for me <3

I mean...the very first kick we learned as white belts was the front kick. It's a move essentially DESIGNED to hit someone in the balls! They didn't teach it as such, and there are some other uses for it, but let's be real here...it's pretty much ballbusting 101, and it's the first thing they taught us.

When we started sparring as wee little orange belts, it was a lot of untrained flailing everywhere. People cracking shins was common - they both try to kick at the same time, their legs connect in the air, and everyone gets hurt. Well...do the same thing but standing a bit closer, and one person's leg goes under the other's aaaaaaand...only the boy gets hurt :D

I should point out that I feel girls get a bit cheated by the sparring rules. The only legal areas are kicks to the head and kicks/punches to the front (and kinda sides) of the torso. I became jealous very quickly of guys' torsos. I take a harder-than-meant kick or a punch to the torso, and 75% of them are hitting me in the breasts or ovaries, while the boys just get to take it on muscle. And their weak spot is off limits? I decided fast that this wasn't fair, and I was intent on balancing the scales of justice.

...that might be a bit of an excuse, actually. I really just liked hitting guys in the balls ;)  But that's how I rationalized it and it worked just fine in my head.

Whenever I felt like it in a sparring match, I'd wait for a guy to do a kick (roundkicks and sidekicks were the bread and butter of every student), and I'd kick at the same time aiming somewhere lower than his. It's not hard to do - if his leg goes in the air first and I do a roundkick from the right position, his leg stops mine from being able to kick any higher and forces my kick riiiight down the path to his unprotected nuts, happily waiting for my kick. I'd just keep timing my kicks with his and wait till it worked out. Sidekicks work the same way - I aim for center of mass and his leg in the air stops my kick from even being able to hit anywhere above his pelvis. My foot hits his thigh and skids right down into his balls heel-first, and then crush! Down he goes in a pile, all groans and gasps.

Like I said, this was in an atmosphere where accidents happen and it's the boy's fault for not wearing a cup, so I could do this aaaall the time. It would get suspicious if I did it too much, though, so it's not like I was racking boys left and right. Maybe one or two a week. But that was enough to give me a reputation really fast, especially since it's always the same group of people marching through the belts together. We were all friendly though, even the guys whose balls I'd devastated didn't hold it against me. Me being a ballbuster was a common topic of joking around, with boys laughingly cupping their hands over themselves when we were paired up to spar, jokingly begging me not to aim low, and me making teasing threats about their future sex lives and unborn children when I wanted to keep a boy on his toes. There was a pretty severe attrition rate of students as the belts went up - my class started with 30 students at white belt and only 3 of us made it to black - but the owner shifted the classes around to keep them decently sized. That meant sometimes new students of different ranks would be in our classes from that point on, and they'd very quickly start hearing rumors and advice to watch out for Olivia's nut-seeking kicks if they value their reproductive futures.

We all quickly learned which boys wore cups and which didn't thanks to my 'accidental' shots, and some of them started wearing them after spending some time holding themselves on the floor thanks to me. But there were stubborn ones who just didn't want to, or thought they were too uncomfortable, or thought it wasn't manly to wear one, or thought they could protect themselves on their own, who knows. Those guys were my playthings :D

The whole class would be paired up, each group sparring on its own in their own little space, with the teachers watching everyone. Every time I landed a good kick to a boy's poor little balls, he'd cry out and get the attention of the whole room, and the teacher would call a stop to it to address the accidental injury... which really meant the whole class got to watch him roll around clutching his just-crushed nuts and struggling to breathe while I stood there feeling proud of myself. It was clearly an event whenever it happened. Then he'd be helped off to the side and we'd rotate partners and continue sparring, and my new partner would often jokingly plead with me not to rack him too ;)

This has gotten long so I'll end it here, but the sheer opportunity to openly kick boys in the balls in a martial arts class is an amazing and wonderful thing, and so good for building a little girl's self confidence! It's amazing fun being a local terror for all the boys. You don't have to hide it, or make up a false pretense to justify it, you just go ahead and nail him and then "whoops, it was an accident" and he should have been wearing a cup anyway.

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Comment by Elizabeth on September 14, 2018 at 3:01am

"Whenever I felt like it in a sparring match, I'd wait for a guy to do a kick (roundkicks and sidekicks were the bread and butter of every student), and I'd kick at the same time aiming somewhere lower than his. It's not hard to do - if his leg goes in the air first and I do a roundkick from the right position, his leg stops mine from being able to kick any higher and forces my kick riiiight down the path to his unprotected nuts, happily waiting for my kick. I'd just keep timing my kicks with his and wait till it worked out. Sidekicks work the same way - I aim for center of mass and his leg in the air stops my kick from even being able to hit anywhere above his pelvis. My foot hits his thigh and skids right down into his balls heel-first, and then crush! Down he goes in a pile, all groans and gasps."

My bread and butter when I want to get a foot to a boy or girl's groin. So amazing how effective it is, yet so simple. Back kicks are a bit harder, but you get better payoff from them. 

If you aren't wearing a cup, that was your problem when I sparred. The guys really learned fast, as did some of the gals. Would love to chat if you're still around.

Comment by skyhigh on July 29, 2018 at 2:36pm

Sometimes I suspect men secretly like women who ballbust. They dont seem to hold it against them. Some even seem to like it. I think the men liked you doing that.

Comment by April Castro on October 7, 2017 at 11:21am

Hello All,

Ronald B. always listen to your mum!(smile) Herr Whitney, you are a most fortunate fellow. "The heel of her barefoot would connect.... with or without a cup you will know it!". This is one of the most dangerous kicks for men! I have practised Kajukenbo and Kenpo, (along with other disciplines) for years. Senor Smoo wrote (typed?) "I'd bet that the cup shifted and trapped a nut between it and his body.". If a back heel kick is landed when this happens, the result can be quite nasty. As a paramedic, I have seen much. This includes a ruptured testicle! 

Many people misunderstand about testicular rupture. A rupture is any tear in the tunica vaginalis (the leather-like coating that holds the thousands of tubules that make up the testis in place) large or small. Small tears can be repaired, large ones can not.

Comment by Robert Whitney on October 7, 2017 at 7:34am

That is true, even wearing a cup the impact is still felt. 20 plus years ago I dated a black belt and she was also an instructor.  I did many demonstrations with her, with and without a cup.  Wearing a cup is uncomfortable and irritating.  One of her favorite maneuvers was the spinning back kick....the heel of her barefoot would connect....with or without a cup you will know it!!

We used to playfight frequently at home.  We were both in the Military Police, so both were physically fit.  Being young and naïve I could not get over the speed of her kicks.  I used to get so irritated that I couldn't block all of her kicks.  In boxing you are taught to watch the eyes of your opponent! Well this tactic does not work in the martial arts.....

Comment by Ronald B. on October 7, 2017 at 1:22am

I took Tae Kwon Do for 6 years when I was younger and I can confirm that I would constantly leave my cup at home because I found it to be uncomfortable. My mom made a wise crack once and responded with "not as uncomfortable as a kick to the balls!" As these things go, she was right. Eventually a kick found it's way to my unprotected sack and I went down for the count. I was a lot more uncomfortable in that moment.

Comment by April Castro on October 6, 2017 at 11:02pm

Hello Rooomer,

Professional (and college) footballers not we wearing 'protection's sounds a bit mad to me. I have great difficulty accepting this. Then again, a friend (female) studying sport medicines at uni, spoke of a great many groin injuries in the sport rehab facility. Also, a good many male friends have spoken of how uncomfortable 'cups' can be, chaffing and all that. So, who knows? BTW, you are correct about the 'positioning'. My friend in sport medicine says; a good number of testicular injuries are the direct result of, ill fitting athletic cups. Seems, some lads intentionally wear cups that are too large! Is this really so?  It seems a bit far-fetched to me. Someone would  deliberately court injury, simply on the basis of 'vanity'!?

Comment by Rooomer on October 5, 2017 at 9:43pm

Hey April -- I"ve been hit wearing a cup before and it can definitely still hurt quite a bit.  And as you said, guys go down in MMA from groin kicks pretty frequently.  But how well the cup works really depends in part on how well it's positioned.  Either way, it seems like Colleen kicks damn hard and that guy definitely regrets daring her! 

Also, for what it's worth, American football players, at least at the college and pro level, virtually never wear cups.

Comment by April Castro on October 5, 2017 at 9:23pm

Hello there,

Please, forgive my intrusion. If I may, I should like to make a try at addressing Allan's query; "Any idea why he reacted that badly?". Both, Colleen and Smoo could be correct in their speculations. However, not necessarily. I am a trained paramedic and hail from a medical family. So, I have seen (and heard about) a fair number of testicular and groin injuries. It is good for lads to wear athletic cups and supporters. However, they only protect the testes from coming into direct physical contact with an object possessing great kinetic energy. They do NOTHING to mitigate the effects of the blunt force trauma, resulting from the impact of all that kinetic injury.

The next comments are directed towards fans of American 'football'. Many of us have seen players laying on the field injured, after a play. We see; coaches, medics and other staff tending to him. Usually, he walks off the field, sometimes with assistance. Occasionally, an announce will state "He's alright, he's just shaken up a bit". Many times the lad has simply received a 'knock' on the testicles. This is thru the protective cup and 'jock strap'. AND only, a knock not a smash! A number of MMA fighters have received serious injuries (or at least fight stopping blows) below the belt. Some lads have mentioned (to me) cups are 'useless'. This is in relation to stopping pain from a blow to the 'berries'. However, since I do not possess 'a pair', I will yield to the more informed view of those possessing cojones.(giggle)

Comment by Rooomer on October 5, 2017 at 9:14pm

Gotta agree with Smoo- cup probably moved some. A solid kick would still hurt, but you'd think you could avoid vomiting. He probably won't dare anyone to do that again!

Comment by Allen Witts on October 5, 2017 at 2:37pm

Damn, Colleen.  That's actually pretty awesome... and more than a little scary


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