A recent encounter where I send my buddy to the hospital with a well placed knee.

This guy I have been seeing, I wouldn’t call him a boyfriend. A boy toy I share emotions with, perhaps. He knows what turns me on, it scares him. I let him read some of my material, and take glimpses into my head. His breathing intensifies whenever I go near his testicles, be it my hands, my mouth, hips or legs.

He told me it’s more so intense because he knows that I know what I can do to him through them, what I have done. I have made him wet himself sexually just by massaging his testes, my fingers gently feeling every fine detail of his sperm factories.

It doesn’t bring him joy, the pain; but the fear that courses through him. It has given us such great sex, the insatiable itch his intensity gives me. He recently took me on. He insists I’ve only nutted guys because I took them by surprise. He’s not entirely wrong, but I stuck to my version that testicles are homing magnets to my feet. Soft, squicky, magnets.

He overpowered me with his mass quickly and I was on my back, I maintained that I was the bane of his reproductive health and realised he was over me with his thighs wide open.

“So, I can do whatever I can to beat you as long as I don’t use a weapon or scratch at your eyes?”

“Are you certain you want to risk being on the receiving end of a full force kick in the testicles?”

Like clockwork, I swung my knee up and right into his juice factories.

Nostalgia flooded me. I know he had been hit in the nuts before, but by bicycle hiccups or sport knocks. Nothing like the full force of a woman who knew what she was doing. I slowly lowered my knee, faking a shocked reaction as I slowly raised my hand to cover my mouth as femininely as I could, as if to mock his acutely male pain. I slowly shook my head and did my best to make cute, innocent faces, as his left hand slowly moved towards the core of his reproductive system, his body slowly squirming off me, rolling over once he met the mattress into a fetal position.

I got up and feigned concern, asking him questions I know would shake him up.

“Did I get you in the testicles?”

“Looks like we won’t be having to waste money on condoms anymore.”

“You poor thing, I hit you in such a sensitive area. You must be in so, so, so much pain.”

His face was scrunched up, as he rocked back and forth like all the boys do. Clearly, this was the first serious hit in the reproductive organs he has ever taken.

Something wasn’t right.

He was dry heaving profusely, and he gave me a pleading look. His breathing was raggedy, and he was trembling. Something was wrong, and I pulled his boxer briefs off to examine him. One of his testicles was swelling by the second, and slightly darker than it’s brother. By the time we got on the ambulance, I could tell it was nearly double in size.

He nearly lost that testicle.

I had to contain myself, as I waited outside the examination room. He was gibbering so much they let me in, as he gripped my hand ever so tightly as the urologist felt around his scrotum. I used a bit too much force and he had bad luck; that my bare kneecap had hit him so accurately that it caused a inflammation in the blood vessels in his scrotum that he got a hydrocele.

I spent the night at the hospital, while he laid in his ward with one leg suspended in the air, tranquillised with painkillers. A surgery would risk him losing that testicle, while the injury was this fresh.

Tonight, his left testicle remains heavier and hangs lower than his other. It causes him discomfort and heightened sensitivity from the weight, and the pain grows with the swelling which shifts with the weather.

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Comment by Desmond Marks on January 8, 2019 at 6:01am

I get you Erica. Poor guy but now you both have an awesome memory to share! Something tells me this won’t make him come around to the idea of ballbusting again lol. Such a shame that we only have 2 balls to share and you ladies can have as many as you’d like. The whole power side of this fetish really gets me. Someone with a PHD really needs to write a paper on this 

Comment by Liquid Metal on January 7, 2019 at 11:30am

Glad to hear you aren't actually wanting to harm someone permanently. The separation between fantasy and reality is very real, and most of us do indeed know the difference, and part of this is to skate the edge, and get a good rush without actually crossing the line. For me, this makes this whole situation actually more enticing, both the injury, and the fact that you are there for his recovery as well. Sorry about the rude folks. 

Comment by Allen Witts on January 5, 2019 at 4:06am

Hear hear ^^

Comment by Erica Noelle Wang on January 5, 2019 at 3:09am

It isn't always like this, Desmond. I just don't talk about the usual days often, and this was a one-off accident. I am with him every step as he recovers, despite the PMs asking me to kick him again while he is healing. He is a real person, not my sex toy, and I do not intend on him getting castrated accidentally some day.

Comment by Desmond Marks on December 28, 2018 at 10:47pm

Not every day that one of KITG's own almost castrates a man! Indeed a time for celebration!

On a "for real" note tho, this stuff scares me. Like, yeah, it turns me on to hear that this happened and I sometimes wish something similar would happen to me, ok maybe all the time, but then I get to thinking and the thought of being in that position scares the shizznit outta me. I'd be so upset that I put myself in that position. 

Such a strange fetish we all have, but I'd have it no other way

Comment by Da King on December 28, 2018 at 5:09pm

wow, great story and interesting to read!

Comment by Erica Noelle Wang on December 28, 2018 at 11:22am

@Erica Walo

He can still have sexual pleasure, just maybe not as much even without testicles! So that's unlikely to happen.

@Allen Witts 

Even before, he was so sensitive I could hurt him just by rolling.

Comment by Allen Witts on December 16, 2018 at 9:17pm

@Erica it's really good to hear that he's going to be okay, of course.  That said, though... do you like that you can hurt him just by rolling his balls between your fingers?  Do you like him knowing how badly you could hurt him if you squeezed?

Comment by Erica Walo on December 16, 2018 at 11:25am

yay! I'm glad his future for children and sexy times isn't over!

if he was ur bf tho, and you did, um, sex-ending damage, what do u think you'd do in that situation? 

Comment by Smack My Nuts on December 16, 2018 at 9:51am

I'm glad he's doing well.


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