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Future Videos

Started this discussion. Last reply by skyhigh Oct 4, 2019. 8 Replies

Hi all!As some of you may already know Joe and I have started a PornHub! that is how we will be uploading from now on, and don't fret! you don't need an account to view our videos :) Our channel name…Continue

Future Videos

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nikki D'Argen Aug 30, 2017. 41 Replies

Hey all!So... we have some good news, and some unusual news. Good news! - We are going to continue uploading to KITG and have hopefully found a way to prevent others from downloading our videos and…Continue

Joe Violet Website!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Robert Whitney Aug 31, 2017. 37 Replies

So Violet came over and being the saint that she is, is helping me build a website that is based around members, password protected and completely secure from outsiders. This way we can accept the…Continue

Future Videos

Started this discussion. Last reply by bustmynuts Aug 15, 2017. 17 Replies

Hey KITG! So Violet and I have decided to upload again, or at least try to. I'll be blunt though, I'm aware this is the internet and every video uploaded is a risk, but it doesn't mean we won't do…Continue

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Latest Activity

Dennis Straaten commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Joe: Is yours? I subscribed but never received the videos, and if I read the comments I seem not to be the only one. So is this yours or is this a scam account of someone impersonating you?"
Dec 20, 2019
Dustin commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"If y'all care to share - what happened between you guys that you were "split up" for years?  What brought you two back together?"
Dec 15, 2019
Destin commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Did you ever get annoyed with all the other BB couples that appeared online? I mean some joined Patreon which ended in you getting banned. Do you blame them? Or do you enjoy the content they provided? Did you ever meet people from KITG online? And…"
Dec 3, 2019
Nick D Gardner commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Kat, how did you first learn that that was a guy's weak spot? What was your first experience like?"
Dec 3, 2019
John Ashton commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Kat: Given your extensive experience in BB.. What would be the most effective way to take someone out :-D Joe: Given your extensive experience whats the most painful way to get busted? Question to both: Do you do anything special to practice bb…"
Dec 3, 2019
Ted commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Looking forward to the reunion. I have 3 questions. Has Kat busted any other guys? How does Violet feel about you (Joe) getting busted by other women knowing it's your fetish? And if Violet is cool with this and chance of a double act?"
Dec 2, 2019
Dennis Straaten commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Are you aware of how good your past videos were? I think it's been 10 years but me and probably a lot more they are still my favourite and the ones that really got me into it. Any other video's of other people I've found never turned…"
Dec 2, 2019
Tim Bowens commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"What’s Violets reaction to this?"
Dec 2, 2019
Ned The Second commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Ever do ballbusting as foreplay/afterplay to coitus?  If so, does the power dynamic change?"
Dec 1, 2019
Ella Maier commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"I love your Videos they are great :) thanks for it . And now my quetion: Are you not afraid do damage your balls? Most guys i know are scared to get kicked there."
Dec 1, 2019
Felipe Rodriguez commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Hey Kat. My question is how was your reaction when joe wanted you to kick him in the balls? What you think about doing a ballbusting video with joe using only underwear? Love you! your fan from Brazil."
Dec 1, 2019
Amber Gately commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Did Kat bust other guys before she met you? Why do you think you're into this? Did you have some sort of formative moment you can look back on and pin your fetish to that?"
Dec 1, 2019
Dominic J commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"What's your favorite video that you've made?"
Nov 29, 2019
Lesha Yashin commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Wow. Now that's a great comeback. You guys were one of the best ballbusting video makers out there. I still watch your videos from time to time.  Question: Do you plan on making any POV videos? Might be great to get a glimpse of how it is…"
Nov 28, 2019
NatWest commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Delighted the two of you are back filming together; you're videos often have a fun element to them while still being hard and sexy. I do hope we've not seen the last of Violet though?"
Nov 28, 2019
JSK commented on Joe | Violet's blog post Q&A Video
"Weve seen kats awesome knees and kicks but how painful are her grabs and slaps ?! "
Nov 28, 2019

Profile Information

**PLEASE NOTE: ONE-WORD ANSWERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. WE PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO THIS WEBSITE, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE COMPLETELY. THANKS!** What Country are you from? How many languages can you speak? We have members from all over the world here; if English is not your first language, use Google Translate on our homepage.
Canada, I speak only English
How did you find this site? What drew you to this site? Please take these questions seriously; it helps to enrich the quality of this membership and gives others an idea of who you are, to better socialize in the chatroom and by messaging.
I searched for ballbusting, and found this site :)
How long have you been into ballbusting and/or cuntbusting? And... what was your first experience like? (Give Details)
I've been into ballbusting ever since I can remember. I used to see it in movies and real life situations, and I was so confused as to why ballbusting humiliation made me light up. I tried to convince myself that this kind of thing was degrading and that's why I felt embarrassed but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much it turned me on.
How many people have busted you or have you busted in your lifetime? How often do you have the urge to bust or be busted? (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
I've been busted by a lot of girls,I can't keep track.
I have the urge to be busted all the time. Call it an addiction.
Describe the feeling you get when the busting occurs (aroused, funny, empowered...)? Are the reasons for the bust out of self defense or is it for your entertainment? Do you have a busting buddy?
I feel amazing, and incredibly aroused. I love it when a younger smaller girl than me kicks me in the balls and drops me to my knees. There's nothing more humiliating, and that to me is one of the greatest turn on's.
What's your favorite part of a bust (the kick, knee, punch) the 'ooowwww', the drop, rolling around, the inability to breathe...? (Give Details)
Kneeing! Love love LOVE kneeing. I put it above everything
Also, I'd love to hear girly grunts when a girl is kicking me, when she giggles, any kind of brat behavior like hands on hips. And when the guy drops to his knees right before the girl is the icing on the cake.
Have you ever seen someone hit so hard they passed out, puked, cried, lost breath, made funny noises, shivering on the floor...? (Give details on what you saw)
Never puking, crying, or passing out but that might be a little to extreme for my taste. Losing breath and making funny noises, shivering on the ground are probably the ones I see most often.
Describe the most memorable or most favorite bust you ever experienced? (Give the background, the details about the moment of impact, both of your reactions, how you both felt afterwards, the injuries, you know stuff like this...)
One of my friend in high school who was a cheerleader walked up to me out of the blue one day and said "Do you wanna see something funny?" And just kneed me right in the balls as hard as she could. She was wearing her sexy uniform and everything. I will never forget it.
What are your favorite ways to bust or be busted? (Choose as many as you like)
sneaker kick, boot kick, heavy shoe kick, barefoot kick, back heel kick, quick hard knee, knee hard & hold, quick hard thigh, thigh hard & hold

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At 7:33pm on May 29, 2019, Bill Alan said…

Hello Joe,

Excellent video with Kat!

I hope all is still well with you and Violet, because it would be great if they did a on 2-on-1 with you!

At 5:58pm on August 30, 2018, ratani said…

You have a wonderful profile! very nice couples guys!!

At 6:14pm on February 9, 2018, Alan S said…

If you type in "kitg" into google, the second suggestion is "joe violet". Keep up the good work!

At 11:05pm on May 12, 2016, chahra LAROZA said…

U'R Realllly Fantastic JOE , u should be verry lucky Getting Busted by a sweety and beautiful girl like VIOLET ..... good job both and thank u.

At 10:48am on March 16, 2016, None said…
Adding your new account to be friends with a legend in this new era of his life. :)

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Joe | Violet's Blog

Q&A Video

Posted on November 27, 2019 at 8:30pm 19 Comments

Hey guys, Kat and I are filming again and we wanna do a Q&A with the best questions that you guys might have about us. We'll pick the best one's and do sort of a YouTube style video answering them.

It'll be fun ^.^ Anyway, go nuts :) lmao pun intended.

Go find Kat here:

Ballbusting and The Internet

Posted on July 11, 2019 at 8:30pm 16 Comments

This message is for anyone who watches ballbusting videos, and creators old and new.

You know, I get it; the internet can be a beautiful place, and a horrible place all the same. I think most of us understand how it operates, and how like in real life, you still have to deal with some unsavory people online as well.

For years, people have pirated, illegally downloaded, or uploaded content that isn't theirs. I completely understand that this is a normal thing. BUT! It…


Paying Women

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 7:47pm 12 Comments

This is gonna sound so out of the blue,
but how do you go about finding an escort, or a girl you can pay to kick you in the balls? 
The clips4sale store "BallbustingBombShells" has this girl named Giselle
and I'm pretty much obsessed with her.
I'd like to seek out other prospects,
and know how people like him find these insanely hot girls.
Violet is completely okay with this btw.

Clothed Ballbusting

Posted on January 15, 2019 at 3:03pm 24 Comments

All right guys hear me out on this one; I can see the appeal of nude ballbusting. I can see the appeal of a guy getting his ass completely handed to him by some mistress while she whips him into submission. I get that less clothes can often be more enticing. A big thing that I come across often is "Why doesn't Joe just wear boxers", or "Can these two just get naked already?" Even stuff like "Why is this video even on PornHub, there's no nudity?!" Well.. it's for the same reason videos like…



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