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Are you ready to tell us about the honeymoon ballbusting?

You want to know about my honeymoon. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so we spent a long weekend in Venice. I’d decided in advance what I was going to do, but didn’t tell my new husband. As soon as we were in our room overlooking the lagoon, I let him have a sharp knee that had him sitting on the bed doubled over and taking deep breaths. After that, for the whole weekend, I kept busting him. Every so often he got a hard bust, but in between he took a whole series of lighter slaps, taps and squeezes. He got busted often enough to make sure his balls were aching most of the time, but not so much pain that he couldn’t enjoy the honeymoon. The only complete respite he got was when he was asleep. If you’ve chatted to me, you know that sex is on my mind most of the time, so I was getting seriously hot delivering this treatment. He was used to busting, as he’d been a devotee since his teens, so he was getting seriously aroused as well. The sex was spectacular, some of the best I’ve had, ever. I had one particular orgasm when I thought I was going to pass out. We’ve done similar sessions like that since, but only for a day.

Wow, you have some fantastic stories here.  Had you busted your husband before?  I would think yes.  But maybe not if it were a total surprise. Did he really get into it with you after that first bust? 

Hubby was into busting when we met. I would not have married him otherwise. He discovered his interest when he was hit in the nuts by a football. 

Hey Emma. Thanks by the way for your reply on your display pic. I'm sure there's a source for that pic somewhere, haha. 

My question is: what has been your most memorable CB experience?

My most memorable CB? I’ve had a nasty experience that I will never forget, but I’ll tell you about the good one, the really good one. Let’s call the woman who gave it to me Phyllis. She was my boss at the time and she must have been about twice my age. I was in my early 20s, so that would make her mid to late 40s. She was always immaculately dressed in tight fitting outfits. All the guys and half the women in her section couldn’t take their eyes off her when she moved around. Her tits bounced, her ass wobbled and, when she was wearing tight trousers, you could see her thigh muscles ripple. Now I would let her know I was interested, but I was too young at that stage. I was though sure as I could be that she was gay or bi. One day she told me that we were going to a sales conference together and, when we arrived, I discovered we were sharing a room. She flaunted herself at me, dressing and undressing in front of me, but in a casual way as if it was the most natural thing in the world. By the time we had changed for the evening reception, I had seen her down to her underwear twice. When we came back, she just stripped off, walked over to me, and started to undress me. It wasn’t long before we were rolling around on the bed and that was when she busted me. No warning. Just a hard knee between my legs. I was aroused and she caught me on the clit with the point of her knee. I howled in pain and doubled over, feeling the sting of vomit in my throat, desperately trying not to throw up. When I finally managed to look up, she was smiling. ‘Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.’ What was so special? Well, it came as a complete surprise, it was excruciating, and it was a thrill to know that this woman I had fancied for months was not only bi but into busting. We were together for about a year after that, until I moved away for a better job. We are still in touch.

Hey, thanks for the reply! Wow, that sounds like an amazing story, and I was even imagining how sexy she would have looked too, haha. Well, she not only fancied you, but she was super kinky as well. The knee sounded like a complete surprise too, and I hope that at the time it wasn't too much that it ruined the experience, though I'm sure you look back at it with glee! Sounds like a pretty hard bust that it made you feel sick almost immediately. Did you meet semi-regularly, and continue with busts?

We met regularly and busted each other. I honed my skills with her. I always ended our meetings feeling very sore.

If you get open card to bust nuts what punishment you would like most to inflict?

This is an interesting question because it gets to the heart of what I like about busting. I’ve chatted to lots of girls who bust for fun or because a guy has annoyed them. I’ve never been like that. Right from the start with me, it was sexual. It did not take long for me to realise that getting his nuts busted was exciting my brother – it was impossible to miss. And I soon found that I was getting aroused too. And that is the way it has been ever since. I have never fucked a guy that I didn’t bust. The two are inseparable. Busting is foreplay and ti enhances the intensity of our pleasure when fucking. I obviously wouldn’t want to rack anyone at full power because that would prevent us doing what I want to do later.


Using full power is something for my fantasies and right now I’ve got a boss who I’d love to bust. She a real butch bitch, which I don’t mind, in fact I like that sort of build in a woman. But she is so bossy, she’s getting on everyone’s tits, including the guys. I’d like to walk up to her in the middle of the office with all her staff watching and take her completely unawares with a swift kick, the point of my shoe forcing its way between her heavy thighs and cutting into her pussy. I’d watch her topple and then collapse, her hands cradling her crotch and tears rolling down her cheeks. That would be so hot, but what would be better would be knowing how humiliated she would be feeling with everyone watching her and seeing what she is like when someone stands up to her and how she is unable to take the pain. That image gives me a lot of satisfaction. But it’s just a fantasy, unfortunately.

hot fantasy. very hot. enjoyable even in just reading.

So you would actually let loose busting a pussy rather than balls.

Please tell us more

What shoe you use in the fantasy.?

Is surprise factor important?

If you get an open card to keep punishing your boss. What more would you do to her cunt?

So, I chose to bust a pussy because my boss is on my mind at the moment and she’s got one. Shoes would have to pointed toes, because I get her right on the clit, which is best with a nice sharp point. Surprise is essential for the first blow to ensure that she doesn’t know it’s coming, can’t defend herself, and can’t prepare herself mentally. For a follow up, I’d probably move in with my hand, clawing and twisting at her crotch, getting up close so that I could see the pain in her eyes.



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