Hi everyone! I know not all of you know me since I don't post or chat much, but I am very much into CB and I'm willing to answer any personal questions you may have on the topic (but keep decency in mind). I also know I'm supplying a niche here, but I do have some interest in BB and I do find it arousing if kept healthy.

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Hi Rachel-  Thanks so much for your willingness to answer some questions!  I'm curious what led you into CB.  I got there through initial interest in BB at a fairly young age.  Glad to connect with someone who enjoys both!

I got into CB from a young age as well - the amount of BB material in media is overwhelming compared to CB, which is a small minority. My interest sparked when I learned that women have a tender spot too (through personal experience) and after that I craved for more content to see that others enjoyed the art as well. Women tend to exploit men with BB a lot of the time, and I wanted to see what would happen in the tables were turned.

Thanks for the answer.  I saw your personal experience with the bike bar below, which I'm sure was pretty painful.  It's crazy what can spark a fetish.  

Part of the deal for me is each gender not really know what it feels like for the other.  In that vein, can describe what it feels like what you get hit?

Depends on how you get hit, with how much force, and where the buster is aiming for. Can you be more specific? Describe a situation for me.

I"ll toss out three, if you don't mind

1) medium force kick, flat part of the buster's foot connects with the entire area

2) hard knee with the clit taking the brunt of it

3) slipping on a man's biking and crotching the bar

Before I venture forwards, you have to realize that unlike testicles the female groin receives pain in gradations. Any way you hit balls it will hurt; they are surrounded by nerves, whereas with women there is a bunch of minor nerves at the front of the groin, and there are very sensitive nerves running from the clit to the uterus. The rest is relatively solid unless you use a weapon or blade.

To your scenarios:

1) Since the top, flat part of the foot connects, it will hit the bottom of the crotch and there is no permanent damage. Some women find this pleasurable as the only pain is the brute force and no nerves are triggered. 

2) Technically speaking, the knee is a rounded bone and is rather wide. So if an average person kneed a woman they would only go as far as the lips and no further unless it was an especially forceful knee and the attack continued even after contact, or if the lady parts were large or aroused. If it does hit the clit then it will be especially painful and it is an enduring sting. The pain will shoot up through the abdomen and for most women this is not at all pleasurable.

Most of the times, a knee will provide pure force on the labia, which many find pleasurable. The strength of the attack is proportional to the pleasure although too much initial force can damage the pubic bone. It helps if you drive the knee in further even after contact, but hitting the clit may be too painful.

3) The bar is a long structure and is not pointed or impaling, so the effect would be similar to a shin kick, although the bar is thinner so the pain may be more acute. However, in practice the person will fall very forcefully (their entire body weight) and at an angle, so this may trigger the nerve bundle at the front of the crotch or it will compress or squeeze the labia and the clit, which might be similar to scenario 2. 

Falling flat on the bar is very forceful and will directly transfer impact to the pubic bone (which is also either pain or pleasure depending on your resistance). Since the area of contact is much smaller than a foot or shin the pain will be sharper (basic physics) and more likely to hit a sensitive nerve or even the clit. If the pain finds its way to the pubic bone this will be a lasting pain - the bone may even fracture or break, and if it does that's not healing soon.

the pubic bones also feel pain?

If I hit your ribs or I twist your arm/foot, you will feel pain in both the muscle and the bone, won't you? Your bones will feel pain anytime there is little flesh between the foreign body and the bones. The pubic bones are very close to the point of contact for most attacks and if you manage to hit it, you may even fracture it. It's much thinner for women than men and as bone density is, on average, lower for women than men, it is very fragile.

If I may ask, is there a difference in how it's attractive for cb and bb?  (Also, I find myself somewhat uncomfortable with the former term, since the former word is a fairly insulting obscenity, whereas "ball" is simple slang... what are your feelings on this?)

For me, CB is more relatable (seeing as how I'm female) and it's a matter of interest to see if others share the same interest. Like I said, CB is a very niche interest whereas BB has always been around. Everyone knows how sensitive balls are but few know a woman's weak spot, and even fewer would exploit it (because of feminazis). I guess it's sort of curiosity. I can ask any guy on the site about BB and they would reply but few females would have CB experiences, and even fewer would share them.

To your second point, balls are also quite insulting if you use them in context; ask a man to 'grow some balls' and no doubt he'd feel offended. 'Cunt' is more common in British slang but people are far less likely to use the term in slang since very few have knowledge about it. Of course, everyone knows what it is but nobody actually attacks or talks about it like they do to testicles. IMO that's not right; people should be more open to talk about their fetishes. One of the reasons there is less CB on the site is because there is so much more BB. People who enjoy CB feel drowned out and irrelevant since there are so few they can converse or express to. We should work as a community to allow CB to rise, as the word 'groin' doesn't only refer to testicles.

I think you're right.  I'm not really? into CB myself, but I think your point is still valid (although tbh I still do feel that the term CB is definitely more offensive than BB, but that's a personal thing).  That said though....  I certainly do have a bit of a switch/dom side to me, and I can become quite sadistic if I'm topping ;)  In which case anything which causes intense pain works for me XD

I wouldn't say the term cuntbusting was meant to be offensive, it's just that there's no other term that really rolls off the tongue as well. What else could you call it?



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