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Woman Faces 40 Years in Jail for Striking Man in Genitals

LA CROSSE, Wis. (APB) -- A 19-year-old woman who allegedly kneed a young man
in the groin during a fight is facing more than just typical assault charges. Prosecutors
have charged her with sexual assault.

Jillian J.M. Olson could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison after an Oct. 25 brawl in
an apartment hallway in which she slapped the man across the face and struck him in
his genitals with her knee as he tried to keep her and three other women from
beating up a younger girl, authorities said.

The attack left the man -- who was not identified -- seriously injured, and wondering
if he can ever have children, authorities said.

"[He] said that ... his testicles had swelled up to four times their normal size
and he was in severe pain," the criminal complaint states. "[He] had undergone
surgery to remove damage testicle tissue which may or may not cause loss of fertility."

Defense stunned

Olson was initially charged with battery. But at a hearing Thursday, prosecutors added the
sexual assault charge -- a move that stunned the defense.

"I was amazed, it was bizarre," attorney Mark Huesmann told APB News. "When you hear
sexual assault, you normally think of rape. It's quite surprising the prosecution's taking
such a tack. It seems like it's going overboard."

The state, however, says the sex charge is proper in this case, even though the attack was
not primarily sexual, because any severe attack on a person's private parts falls
under the state's sex assault law.

"I thought the charge fit," Deputy District Attorney Loralee Clark told APB News.
"Wisconsin has a couple of different ways of charging sexual assault."

Different interpretations of law

In Clark's interpretation, any act of battery on a person's genital area is sexual
assault, whether the battery is primarily sexual or not. She said that even a blow with a
stick or a gunshot to the groin could be a sexual assault.

Huesmann disagreed. He said that he was still researching the law in the case, but he
believes the charge will not stick.

"I'm really not pleased with it," he said. "It may be a bit too severe based on the facts of
what happened."

Todd Venezia is an APB News staff writer (

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