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My Ballbusting "School Girl" Story

Hey BB fans.... I wasn't really sure where to post this... I know this site has a lot of rules so I'll just blog it for now :P

This is a True story about a ballbusting game I played when I was younger.... it DOES have elements of fantasy to it, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!  If you enjoy the story, feel free to email me (politely) at ... and I Might share more.

I recently used this story as a "script" for my latest clip at my store... hope that makes it extra special when it's released.


Enjoy!  .... and if you don't, expect a Kick in the Nuts!  :P


Ballbusting Games:


By the time I entered Junior High (thirteen or fourteen years old), ballbusting was becoming a secret obsession of mine.  I still had no idea this was a fetish shared with many members of the opposite sex as I didn’t search for content online until I was sixteen.  In fact in Jr. High it seemed quite the opposite as all the boys I kicked didn’t seem to like it much at all :P

Still, I needed my fix!  I was well-known for my random kicks and knees which I would execute with the slightest bit of incentive.  Many innocent boys would be brought to their knees simply for accidently rubbing against me as they passed by, or for teasing me or a friend about anything.  Most people thought it was funny (not usually the victim hehe), but even when they were upset I didn’t really care, I LOVED it.  Despite my public display of ballbusting, I don’t think anyone suspected it was a serious interest of mine unless they dated me….that’s where my Ballbusting Games came into play.

As an early teenager, this was the point in my life where I really started to notice boys.  As a result I started dressing sexy, and really getting the males under my thumb.  I quickly learned that it was easy to manipulate boys by wearing a short skirt or a sexy pair of shoes.  My boyfriends (and I must admit I went through a few in my high school days) usually let me get away with randomly busting them (and their friends) because I was a gorgeous, and popular girl.  When I really wanted to experiment with what I was capable of doing I had to get creative…

Gerry was sitting on my couch one Friday night watching TV as I read a Cosmo.  As usual at that age, I was dolled up plenty and knew I had this sucker right where I wanted him.  I went to a Catholic Jr. High, and of course skirts and white shirts were mandatory.  I would always get in trouble for the sexy alterations I made to that outfit, but really it was worth it.  As I laid down on my stomach reading the magazine with my legs crossed, my skirt barely covered my ass cheeks.  My gorgeous feet were covered only with a thin pair of white socks, and my chunky heeled Mary Jane’s sat by closet.  My parents were out for the night so I decided to fuck with his mind before I fucked-up his balls.  Gerry watched TV attentively so I put down my magazine and started to caress him.  I rubbed my soft hand up and down his chest, then teased around the waist of his jeans before sliding my way down to his inner leg.  I quickly noticed he was getting hard and as soon as he tried to make a move I went right back to my magazine and ignored him. 

This continued for a while.  I Loved the power I had over boys.  Just a rub of the hand, or a puff of my lips and I had those losers where I wanted them.  Gerry was no exception.  In fact I dated him for a few months, and in that time I only remember fully satisfying him once…yet I can recall over ten times when I dropped him to the floor (if not worse)!  But like I said, Boys are Mine to control.

Eventually I switched positions, and rested my stocking-covered feet heavily on his lap.  He protested at my mini bust, but I just frowned and said “Suck it up” as I shoved my feet harder into his groin.  Eventually his attention returned to the TV as I pretended to be immersed in Cosmo.  Keeping my eyes on my magazine I pretended to have an itch on my foot and scratched it by rubbing my other foot on it.  As I spread my toes out, and opened the sole of foot up on his crotch I would “accidently” stoke his cock with my feet.  Not sure if he had a foot fetish, but either way I had that cock hard in NO time.

He tried to ignore it as I’m sure he was hoping I wouldn’t notice, but obviously I already had.  I put the magazine down and pretended to stretch out as if I needed to stretch.  I extended my legs, and pointed my toes straight out as I lengthened my entire body and let out a sigh as I slowly returned to a comfy position.  As I retracted my legs I allowed both my feet to glide over his crotch, bluntly revealing his raging hard on.  I looked down at it shocked.  “Oh my god Gerry!  What the hell?!”

Gerry quickly covered it with a pillow, as his face went bright red.  “Sorry,” he stammered, “it just kinda happened.”

“You just suddenly got rock hard?” I asked.  “What did you think was going to happen here?” I inquired.

“Nothing”, he replied.   “I’m sorry.  It’s just the skirt, and your feet were rubbing me –“

“My feet?”  I interrupted.  “My feet get you Hard?”  It was going perfectly!  I wanted him to mention my feet.  “Hmmmmmm,” my anger faded and I pondered.  “I didn’t know you liked my feet.  Maybe we should play a game involving my feet and your package?” I smiled seductively.

Gerry had felt my ballbusts many times before, and he sensed where I was going with this.  “No, no, that’s okay.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get turned on”

I had to cut off his escape quickly.  “It’s okay” I lightened up and put on my sexiest smile.  “It’s okay if I turn you on” I sat up and crossed my tanned legs.  I started to rub up the length of my leg as I grinned at Gerry.  “I bet you’d love to feel these legs of mine.  Or maybe touch my breasts?”  He smiled and nodded in approval.  “But I didn’t know you wanted to feel my feet?” I looked puzzled, and paused for a moment.  He tried to interrupt with “No, I’m really not into-“ but I cut him off.  “It’s okay Gerry!  I have an idea that will give you what you want!”  I swung back facing him and placed both my feet on his lap.  His erection was still visible through his pants so I clasped his cock between the soles of my feet and gently caressed it.  He almost came instantly, so I released his cock and slid my foot up his chest and dangled it in his face.  “It’s kinda hot that you’re into feet” I said.  Again, he tried to deny the fetish (and was probably being honest) but that wouldn’t work with my plan, so I continued to interrupt him, this time by stuffing my foot into his mouth.  He almost resisted, but right away I faked a moan of ecstasy.  “Mmmmmm, Gerry that’s sooo fucking hot!  Keep that in there.”  He hesitated, but then went with it, and gently sucked and caressed my foot as I started to get all hot and bothered and feeling myself up.  I pulled my stocking covered foot away from his mouth, and up into his face asking him to smell it.  Again, there was hesitation, but he went with it as my other foot found its way back into his crotch and I groped through his pants with my toes.  I continued to manipulate him, getting his cock harder and harder as I leaned back and moaned.  I squeezed my tits together for him and reached between my legs…he couldn’t control himself anymore.  Gerry swung my feet out of his face, straddled over me and started caressing my tits…. Big Mistake.  My hand fired up to his sack smacking it hard as I gripped his whole package through his pants.  At first he thought he was gunna get lucky, until I tightened my grip.  I felt his nads crunch, and he released my tits and looked down at my face, surprised to see me glaring angrily back at him.  “That the hell?” he asked.  “I thought you wanted me to-“ I cut him off by squeezing with all my might.  His boner faded, but didn’t disappear as his eyes closed in pain and he sunk to the couch beside me.  “I’m not a slut? Do you understand?” I threatened.  “You don’t just throw yourself on me like that!  I mean holly fuck.  I was going to give you a BJ, but not if you’re going to act like that!”

Gerry apologized profusely as I held on tightly around his sack and squeezed.  I loved the expression on his face.  He was useless, trapped, pathetic.  I controlled him completely, and it was YUMMY.

Finally I gave one final squeeze as I twisted them around as far as I could.  He yelped and tears came to his eyes.  I released them before I popped them completely and made him useless.  I turned a shoulder to him and pretended to be upset, as if I was truly offended by his actions, when in reality I had carefully manipulated everything to happen exactly as I pleased hehehe.  “God, I really wanted to try giving you a BJ too” I lied.

He recovered fairly quickly after the mention of a BJ and came back to my side begging for forgiveness.  “I’m really sorry Kelly!  I seriously thought you wanted me to touch you, otherwise I wouldn’t do that at all!  I respect whatever you want or don’t want to do!  I’m sorry, how can I make it up to you?”

A grin exploded across my face as he walked right into my trap.  “You really want to make it up to me?” I asked, still playing hard to get.

“Anything you want Kel”, he replied as he knelt down beside me. 

I played sad for another few moments before I innocently suggested “If you really wanted me to forgive you, you’d let me kick you in the balls for pretty much trying to rape me”.

His smile faded, he knew me well enough to know I wasn’t joking.  Again, he tried apologizing and insisting he never meant to offend me, but I stuck to my request, knowing he would cave eventually, he always did J  “Gerry, you really hurt my feelings, it’s only fair I get to hurt your nuts.  Don’t be such a wuss, I’m half the size of you!”  He looked down pondering my request and I knew I “Had him by the Balls” LOL.  “Gerry, I was going to give you a mind blowing hummer”, I lied, as I gently slid my hand up his thigh and stoked his groin.  “But you really offended me, now I don’t even know if I want to be with you”. 

“Kelly!” he cried in disapproval, “I said I was sorry….” But I gave him the cold shoulder until finally he caved and said, “Fine, what do you want?”

A smile broke across my face and I totally dropped the sad act.  “I’ll tell you what, I’ll rub my feet all over you.  You can smell them.  You can suck my toes, and I’ll even rub them on you groin, but……”

Gerry looked thrilled at the first part of my request, then timidly asked, “Ok, but what?”

I smiled back at him, “I want YOUR NUTS!” I exclaimed, “For TEN minutes!” then I added “No blocking!”

And it was set.

Gerry had experienced my play fight ballbusting before, but never had I gotten him to agree to take it.  I pushed the couch against the wall, and he reluctantly helped me clear the table and lamps out of our way.  We had a large area available for this to go down, and I adjusted my sexy outfit as we discussed the rules.  I set up a big digital clock right where we could both see it.  It was 6:58, the beat down would start at 7:00.

I slid my Mary Jane’s on and tightened the straps.  I stood up and walked seductively over to him, my shoes clicking on the floor.  Gerry stood there terrified, with his legs together and his hands over his nads.  I gently ran my hands down his chest as I pouted my big sexy lips at him.  “Play fair sexy”, I gently pulled his hands off his crotch and tapped outward from his inner legs “Open those legs!”  The clock was at 6:59.

“Ok, but take it easy on me” Gerry begged as he nervously awaited the game to start.  “And ten minutes MAX, feel free to stop early”.  

I laughed out loud at the suggestion of stopping early or taking it easy on him.  I turned my booty into his crotch and wiggled it into his groin as I lifted the back of my skirt exposing my skimpy thong.  My ass cheeks surrounded his package and I bounced them lightly into him causing his hard-on to return.  “You practically pounce on a poor little girl half the size of you, and now you ask me to take it easy on you”?  I pulled his face down to mine as I seductively bit his ear and looked over at the clock behind him as it stuck 7:00, I blew on his moist ear to send a shiver of sensations through his body as I added “I’m gunna Bust your Fucking Balls!”.  With that I slammed my knee hard into his junk! 

He folded in half, and grabbed his crotch.  I gave him my cutest smile, “Oh, did that hurt your little ballsies?” I teased.  I stood him back up straight and pulled his hands away from his groin, “No blocking remember?”.  As soon as the way was clear I slammed a second knee into his sack even harder and held it there, almost elevating his limp body across my thigh.  His eyes rolled back, I grabbed his shoulders and fed him another 5 or 6 knees before finally releasing him and letting him fall to the floor in agony.  I teased him for a few seconds as I mocked him, and walked circles around his body, gently kicking his sides with my Mary Janes, giving him a moment to recover.  “Ok, that’s enough” I demanded, as I pulled him up to his knees.  Despite my commands, he was in a tonne of pain and seemed physically unable to let go of his sack to let me get another shot in.  So I held him up on his knees, and gently stroked with groin with my upper foot.  Slowly he began to enjoy it, and his pain was turning me on too.  As my foot stroked against his groin, I inadvertently pulled his face toward my crotch, and he took this as an invitation as he happily buried his face into my school girl skirt.  I let him have his fun, and soon his hands released his balls and began feeling there was up my legs.  I faked another moan as his hands slipped up the back of my skirt and firmly grabbed my bare ass.  I reached behind myself, grabbing his wrists and holding his hands on ass.  I shot a quick instep kick into his exposed genitals.  He groaned and shot back, but I held his hands in place.  “Gerry, if you really think I’m hot you wouldn’t dare let go of my ass right now!”  I shot another 2 light kicks into his groin and giggled.  “Mmmmmm, do you know how lucky you are to have a 2 handfuls of ass right now?” I asked.  “Now don’t let go, or I really will Destroy your testicles!”

He nodded up at me, and I gave him 3 more medium strength kicks.  He quivered in pain, and his eyes watered.  I wound back and slammed a solid kick into his shit.  He cried out loud and his hands loosened as his grip slid down me leg.  “Really Gerry?  That’s all you can take?  I thought you loved this ass?” I grabbed his wrists again, and pulled him up from his bend over position and laid in another 3 huge kicks.  Each one lifted him a few inches off his knees.  A tear ran down his cheek and I couldn’t help but laugh in his face.  “Oh my god, really?  A 100lb girl made you cry?  What sort of man are you?”  I loved humiliating this loser.

I turned my booty into his face and placed his hands on it again teasing him as I allowed him to recover.


I grabbed his head and buried it into my booty.  I figured I’d take him to heaven before I put him through hell.  I peeked over my shoulder to take aim at his spread legs.  I lifted my leg high in front of me to gain momentum as I swung it backward in a huge, arching back kick.  The chunky heel of the Mary Jane connected right between his nuts, briefly separating them with the impact.  Down he went again.

As I stood over his crumpled up body, I bent over in front of him, allowing him the sight of his life as I unstrapped my pumps.  I rolled him onto his back, straddled his chest and put the inside of my shoe right up in his face forcing him to smell the insides.  My sweet, foot scent over powered him as I reached back and grabbed his already swollen nads.  I intermittedly forced the shoe in his face, and then countered my generosity with a tight ball squeeze. 7:06….over half way done.

I tossed the shoes away, and shifted my ass back until I was pretty much sitting on his package.  I brought my legs up infront of me, and placed both soles of my feet right on his face.  I rubbed them all over as I told him to smell them, to worship them.  He did as he was told.  After forcing him to suck my toes, I eventually shifted my ass off his groin and sat conveniently between his legs, where I proceeded to rub his cock emphatically with my feet.  “That feels good doesn’t it?” I asked, as his cock stiffened straight up.  He moaned happily in reply.  “Oh my god Gerry!  There you go again getting fucking hard!” (I LOVED fucking with his mind).  Plus this gave me a great reason to really go hard on his nads for the last few minutes.  7:07.  I grabbed his ankles with my hands and thrust both of my feet hard into his crotch.  Instantly, he tried to block.  “Gerry, you promised you wouldn’t block!”

“I know, but you’re fucking crushing me-“ he cried.

“Gerry!  I don’t date liars!  Now move your fucking hands!”

Gerry did his best to fight the urge to block, and I proceeded to gaspedal him with ALL my might.  My leg muscles flexed as I pushed the undersides of my gorgeous feet deep into his groin.  I would alternately slam my left foot stomping into him, then my right, over and over again.  7:08.

I released his legs and smiled at him as I caught my breath.  “OK, only 2 minutes more to go… I have an idea.”

Gerry was now in tears with his hands down with pants massaging his aching nuts.

“You have a choice Gerry.  I’m going to give you 3 more shots.  If you can survive them all, I promise I’ll give you that BJ!  But if you block them, or chicken out, I’ll spend this last 2 minutes crushing your nuts FLAT I promise, I will make you into mush!  What’s your choice?”

He didn’t seem convinced, so I turned on my sweet side again.  “Come on baby”, I coaxed, “three little shots and I’m going to take you to Heaven.”  I began to strap my Mary Janes back on.

Gerry was still curled up so I strutted over to him and stood straddling his head until he looked up and decided things weren’t so bad.  “You like that view don’t you?” I teased, “I’ll do you one better!” with that I knelt down and lowered by booty onto his face, happily trapping him under my skirt. 

I gently bounced up and down as I stroked his groin until his trust was regained.

“Okay!  Ready for your first shot?” I asked.  He was mesmerized in my ass and didn’t respond.  “I’ll take that as a yes” I grinned, and raised both my fists up nice and high.  I brought them down together with all my strength and upper body weight behind it as my fists exploded into his groin.  I felt them flatten like pancakes under me, at the same time all the air flew out of his body and his groan vibrated through my hips.  It was YUMMY.  I rolled off of him giggling as he folded into a ball moaning in protest.  “Oh that’s only the beginning pussy” I mocked, “Two more to go!”

I gave him some time to recover as I contemplated my next move.  Gerry spent a while on his side in a ball of pain, but after a few minutes he managed to get up to at least a bent over kneeling position, so I decide a kick from behind while he was on all 4’s was the way to go.  “Ok, baby”, I pushed him to all 4’s, “it’s time for number 2!  You’re half way to heaven!” with that I reached between his legs and gave him what he believed to be a nice massage, when in reality I was being a sneak and spreading his legs.  As I backed away to get a running start, he knew what I had planned, but was smart enough just to take it.

I took a few practice swings before winding way back and slamming the round toe of my Mary Jane’s into his balls with a full-forced kick.  His knees came a good 5 inches off the ground before he returned to his crumpled up ball.  “Wow, you got some good air time off that one” I cheered.

He could only cry in response.

Again, I gave him a few moments to recover, but I knew I wanted to finish him off with a ball-shattering soccer kick as he laid spread eagle on the ground.  “You’re soooo close Gerry, very last one I promise!”

He seemed unable to physically roll himself over for me, so I helped him out.  Still he lay on his back, holding his severely swollen, black and blue (I’d bet) nuts.  I straddled him gently and seduced him back into the game.  Rubbing my hands up his inner legs and then up his whole body as he lay on the floor.  “Just take it like a man, and I promise I will…” I leaned in close and bit his ear, whispering “suck your cock dry.”  I Knew how to get my way, boys are so easy.  “I wanna suck you off sooo Badly!   But you need to be tough enough to handle what I got baby!  One last shot, then stand up so I can take your whole, yummy cock in my mouth!” 

With that I stood up, and helped him open his legs as he remain laying on the floor.  He didn’t resist, he just looked away and begged for it to end…kinda cute. Hehehe.  I placed the sole on my Mary Jane gently on his package, and rubbed it teasingly.  He didn’t trust me, but when his hands headed back to try and push my shoe off him I leaned into it applying more pressure.  “Don’t even think about it!”

He gritted his teeth, and kept his arms to his side as I pumped up and down on his groin.  With every pump a groan escaped his lips, and with each pump I applied more and More weight.  In moments I was leaning as much weight onto his pathetic sack as I could, and I grinded my foot deep into him.  He cried and protested but I didn’t give a fuck.  I was making this last one count!  I twisted my foot from side to side to squash even inch of him.  I followed up the standing gaspedal with a quick instep kick, followed by another, making sure I had located his balls as I kicked them upwards towards his stomach.  I took two more “practice kicks” before I was ready for the final.  “You ready for this one?”  I asked.  He looked away and didn’t reply as his eyes watered in agony.  “Time to go to Heaven!”  With that I took a step forward and brought my kicking foot way back before following through with all my force.  My upper foot and round toes of the pumps connected directly with his sack, but I followed through so hard I remember wondering if it was possible to rip his balls off as my shoe drove past his groin, dragging his balls with it.  His face was PRICELESS!  His mouth just went “Ooohhh”, and his face instantly went red as tears streamed from his eyes.  All the air must have been kicked right out of his body.  He couldn’t talk, he could hardly even moan, he was in a pain that was so bad it was silent.  I remember I put so much force into it, the follow through sent my own body stumbling forward and I fell ontop of him giggling my face off as he just laid there crying.  “How does heaven feel baby?” I teased…..I never did give him that BJ!  LMFAO!


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