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I squeezed and Kicked his balls... Happy New Years!!!!!


With 6 years full of abusing balls, on a near daily basis, I would classify myself as a rather experienced and intense Ball Buster. I have jumped on them, bitten them, tied them up, kicked them (in so many ways), squeezed them, danced on them, teased them, twisted them and over all tortured them to extremes.

 However I have only ever busted one man’s balls, those balls were attached to my ex-partner.

Tonight however that fact about me changed!

I have an extra part time job working nights at a pizza shop.

Unlucky me got the New years Eve shift

I was already in a pretty bad mood, I mean who wants to work on the night of New Years Eve.

I walked into work in a huff, only to be met with my worst nightmare.

The owner’s son stood there preparing bases, he smiled as I walked in, I groaned.

The owner son is really lazy, he thinks that I am there to do everything for him.  He loves to irritate me and knows just how to push my buttons. He is constantly trying to get my attention, and recently has begun to openly flirt with me. The last shift I worked with him he started standing behind me while I adding toppings to a pizza, he would grab my hand and pretended to show me how to add toppings properly all the while rubbing his crotch onto me. I find him very irritating, really aggravating and extremely sleazy.

I put my bag in the back got my apron and prepared to start my shift, as I walked out he says just the two of us tonight babe.

How come? And please don’t call me babe; I am not your babe.

Delivery boy and our junior helper both bailed & couldn’t find anyone to cover.  So no home deliveries tonight and no problem, my darling.

He smiled; I rolled me eyes, the phone rung

So my evening begun, with me just hoping that it would stay busy.


The first 4 hours were fine, being so understaffed we were really busy and he had no time to be much of a nuisance. But then the phone stopped ringing, no orders came in, just stragglers stopping in for drinks. It seemed the town had settled into party mode.

Ohhhh no, 2 hours alone with this guy when he has nothing to do, total nightmare.

He was in fine form tonight to.

At first he just started purposely finding reasons to walk past me and brush up against me, each time he began to get more hands on. Gradually his hands began to stray brushing closer and closer to my breast. Until as he walked past he grabbed my right breast and whispered in my ear do you like that huh? I was so tempted to grab his nuts and started squeezing, tell him to leave me alone or I would rip them right off. But I had a plan, I just needed to wait till I could get him out of view of the security camera’s.

 At closing time I locked the front door and walked back to the kitchen area. I started washing the pile of dishes he had left sitting on the sink.  I felt him walk up behind me, his hands found my arse and he began to rub his hand over it. He then grabbed my arse and gave it a good squeeze, nice ... very very nice, he said in my ear. He began to rub his groin against my arse, I could feel how hard he already was. I reached behind and snuck my hands in between us, I began to rub my hand up his thigh until I reached his balls, my hand skimmed the edge of his right ball, he moaned with pleasure. I slowly begun to rub is balls he was in ecstasy. He began to tell me how he would love to lean me over the bench and do me from behind.  I cupped both of his balls in my hand lightly squeezed them and replied well what’s stopping you.

I looked up at the clock and it showed that it was just about to hit 12 o’clock,

It’s just about 12 o’clock I told him, why don’t we take this little party out to staff room, he was so excited as he happily followed me out to the staff room.

I smiled to myself as he willing followed, the staff room is the only place other than the toilets that doesn’t have security camera’s installed. He had no idea what he was walking into.

As I entered the room I walked straight over and sat up on the bench, I called him over to stand in front of me between my legs. He willingly obeyed.

I looked down at my watch, I think first you need to give me a New Years kiss I told him, my pleasure he said. As he lent in to kiss me my hand found his left ball. As his lips met with mine I slowly began to apply more pressure to his ball. He started to kiss me getting more and more aroused, the harder he kissed me the firmer my grip became on his ball. I began to feel his body stiffen as my grip started to cause him discomfort. Finally he pulled away and tried to get his ball out of my fist. Ouch ouch ouch stop that he cried as I began to unleash the power in my hands on to his poor ball. He tried to pull away but I just tighten my grip further. His reflex to pull away only helped to increase his pain.

You want me to let go do you, I asked him.

Yes yes, please let go he replied.

I will let go on one condition I told him.

Anything you want he replied please just let my ball go.

I watch as sweat appeared on his forehead and his legs began to shake, what wuss I thought to myself, I hadn’t even come close to unleashing the full power of my grip on his balls and he was already crumbling.

He let out a gasp and a cry of pain as I began to apply more pressure to his very shocked and sore ball. Just so you know buddy there is a lot more pain to come if you don’t do as you are told.

Then I said, I want you to listen to me, I want you to apologise for grabbing my arse and my tits.

He went to speak but I told him to shut up, I’m not finished.

I also want you to apologise for how you have treated me.

Then I want you to promise that you will never lay a finger on me ever again unless I give you permission to do so.

I am sorry, he almost squealed, please stop let my ball go you are killing it.

What are you sorry for? I asked

I am sorry that I grabbed your arse and your breasts and for how I have been treating you.

Please please just leave my ball alone he begged.

And what about your promise I told him.

I promise I will never touch you again unless you say I can,

Good boy, smiled sadistically at him.

Now there is just one more thing before I let go of your balls.

Please just let go, you promised he cried.

Listen to me or I will show you what kind of damage I can really do to your ball.

Okay Okay, whatever you want, he gasped.

When I let go I am going to get my stuff together and get ready to leave, but before I leave you are going to give me a free shot at kicking your nuts.

No he cried not that please

I increased the pressure on his balls.

He squealed

Okay one free kick he agreed, please just let go of my ball it feels like to are going to make it explode.

I gave a little evil little laugh and let go.

He gasped in relief, thankyou thankyou

I left him there trying to recover from the pain.

I grabbed my bag and quickly made my way into the office and removed the security tape. I put it in my bag and returned to the staff room.

He was still standing there trying to recover fully from his pain.

Right it is time to take your punishment.

He looked scared

I felt so turned on, it felt so good to be in control of man’s balls again.

I told him to stand up straight, he went to protest, but as soon as my hand went to grab at his balls, he yelped and did as he was told.

I told him to close his eyes.

He obeyed.

I took a moment to take in the look of fear and apprehension on his face.

Then I kicked.

I hit him dead on centre, Hard.

He doubled over and then dropped to the floor whimpering.

Now I am going to go home, you can stay and finish cleaning up your mess instead of leaving it for me.

Just so you know I have the security video, which is going to show you grabbing my breasts and pressing your groin against my arse while I try to get my work done.

So I think from now on, you might be pulling your weight around here bit more, which will include doing the end of night cleaning, so I can go home early.

He responded with a groan.

Happy New Year I said as I gave him my biggest smile.

As I walked out the door it occurred to me that I enjoyed that probably just a little more than I should have. 

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Comment by volcan51 on December 4, 2012 at 11:28am

you really dominate him, it`s amazing hoyw you use the security camera in your favor, how you trap him, make him leave his safe zone, getting access so easily to his groin, controling him.

it`s the demo that when the woman it`s smart it's easy make look a big and horny male in a defenseless kitty.

thank for the story

Comment by Chris Phillip on April 3, 2012 at 10:09am

really nice story :)

Comment by Joe masterson on January 19, 2012 at 6:40pm

I need to start sexually harassing coworkers more often...

Comment by Tabitha on January 6, 2012 at 10:29am

THX guys :D

Had the best night at work tonight, the a*%hole was so nice & considerate to me & have never gotten home so early. 

The next man to annoy me had definitely better watch out!

Comment by 2swollen on January 2, 2012 at 6:00pm

Go Tab Go!!

Comment by nolizards on January 2, 2012 at 5:47pm

you are spectacular! what a great job taking

care if that idiot! Keep it up!

Comment by Maik on January 2, 2012 at 12:43pm

Thumbs up! This is really great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Comment by dvhour (Site Owner) on January 1, 2012 at 1:48pm
MY WORD!!! this is quite the bb experience... i dont know what else to say other than BRAVO!!!


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