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Katkatbbsaverz's Page

Latest Activity

David G left a comment for Katkatbbsaverz
"dang man i dont know how you take repeated hard kits like you do your the fn man!"
Jax commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"I think its out of shear laziness that I haven't commented on anyone's videos before now and although I've let Kat know (in a chat session) how incredible I think your vids are well this vid is 'the Kat's…"
Wade commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"very righteous knees :] top notch just as always :] "
Liquid Metal commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Kat is my absolute favorite all time.. Her style is playful, fun, and the false innocence is just incredible. She pulls off dominating you without coming off all screaming harpy, like many do. A giggle here, and there, tossing the hair. The…"
tony rogers commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Dude you are the best, and have the best here. Thank you for bringing back Kat, she looks fantastic. Tell her great vocal domination " you landed on my foot that's not very nice" "that was nothing" great intimidation by…"
Kurt Rock commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"I lied.  One more comment lol.  At 7:05, that little wiggle she did while winding up.... *drool*. "
Kurt Rock commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"OMFG! OMFG! OMFG!  All is right in the world again.  There are lots and lots of GREAT videos shared by people, but you and Kat are the undisputed king and queen.  Kat is one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen and when combined…"
Some Brown Guy commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"DUDE HOW DO YOU TAKE SO MANY KNEEEEES? Amazing vid. Well done. :D"
Josh Resnick commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"very very hot and  i loved it :)"
Foo Bar commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Nice video!  She's super bitchy in this one - she really dominates you. :)"
phil jones commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Without a doubt your BEST VID EVER.    Agree with 2Swollen...something extremely sexy about Kat grabbing your lapels and not letting you fall.   Love the tease knees between the hard ones.   WOW.   Love Kat's…"
2swollen commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Love you holding/helping him up.  Sweet deliciousness is that!  Really looks like he had enough :) "
pete commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video
Blake W commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"WOW...incredible video, very hot! Those last few kicks...ouch"
Mallory {Site Owner} commented on Katkatbbsaverz's video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

"Welcome Back THEEEE MASTERS of BB KNEEEES....hotter than ever ;) "
Katkatbbsaverz posted a video

KKBBZ | Hot Ballbusting

Hey guys it's been awhile! Busy as hell, and this is the first vid we've made in awhile, so my balls needed some breaking in. Kat takes it easy at first, and gets harder as she goes. Enjoy! PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS VIDEO. We only want it here :)…

Profile Information

What Country are you from? How many languages can you speak? Please take this question serious: There are many people on this website from all over the world and I really need to keep order and help the non English speakers. Please go to this link and find the flag of your native country ->
How did you find this site? What drew you to this site? Please take these questions serious because It helps to grow and enrich the quality of this membership.
A YouTube member called KickedInTheGroin, also known as dvhour sent me a kind email telling me about this site and it's members. I became intrigued.
How long have you been into ballbusting and/or cuntbusting? And... what was your first experience like? (Give Details)
I've been into ballbusting since I was like, 10. I saw some guy get kicked in the balls by a cheerleader and was immediately turned on. My first BB experience was when my gf kneed me in the balls for fun. I told her I got hard from it and she kneed me again, and again, and again... lolol.
How many people have busted you or have you busted in your lifetime? How often do you have the urge to bust or be busted? (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
I have the urge to be busted ALL the time. I fantasize about it every minute, and every chance I get to. I've been busted by COUNTLESS girls, but mostly all unintentional :P and all kneeing!! It's the best.
Describe the feeling you get when the busting occurs (aroused, funny, empowered...)? Are the reasons for the bust out of self defense or is it your entertanment? Do you have a busting buddy?
I definitely feel aroused ALL THE TIME when BB occurs. It's never funny, just a huge turn on.
What's your favorite part of a bust (the kick, knee, punch) the 'ooowwww', the drop, rolling around, the inability to breathe...? (Give Details)
Kneeing is my favorite. As an ass/leg man, I love the motion and shape the leg makes bent. It's so freaking hot. Also it's more intimate. The girl gets right in close ;)
Have you ever seen someone hit so hard they passed out, puked, cried, lost breath, made funny noises, shivering on the floor...? (Give details on what you saw)
Nah, never in my life. I wish though. Then again, it's usually me getting busted, so really have no complaints :)
Describe the most memorable or most favorite bust you ever experienced? (Give the background, the details about the moment of impact, both of your reactions, how you both felt afterwards, the injuries, you know stuff like this...)
My girlfriend dressed up like a catgirl and acted real cute, giggled, smiled, and posed in a very sexy manner every time she kneed me in the nuts.
What are your favorite ways to bust or be busted? (Choose as many as you like)
quick hard knee, knee hard & hold, quick hard thigh, thigh hard & hold

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Comment Wall (41 comments)

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At 7:33pm on April 22, 2014, David G said…

dang man i dont know how you take repeated hard kits like you do

your the fn man!

At 2:27am on December 28, 2013, pete said…

love it wow

At 9:14pm on May 28, 2013, Marvelous Mark said…

New member to kitg here ... But remember seeing you on YouTube before... Been a fan like forever, but never posted ... so now I am!


You are Amazing!

At 2:50pm on April 17, 2013, ghostbuster said…

I was all over Youtube today and I can't any of your videos.  I'm glad for this place because you guys are the greatest!  Please keep making vids.

At 7:24am on May 31, 2012, Jason Papagiannis said…

I dont want to sound like a fangirl, (mainly because I am a boy) but I have been finding your and you gf's work all over the net (mainly in youtube and here) and I really fancy it.

I really believe you are the best in the bb videos section. Hands Down.

There are of course many ther good ones I am fan of, but you have been are adn will be my favorite forever.

I am rather sadened to see that few of your videos are present here. some are not uplaoded (such as that one where the scenario was that katherine was trying to rob you) or because youtube has deleted them.

Shouldnt you find another way to sahre your wonderful work since youtube does not appreciate your awsomness?

I'd love to see some of your earlier work back on the site, you two, as well as new ones. I really really mean it. And can you give me an autograph XD?

At 8:21pm on May 27, 2012, Paul Bishop said…
Hey katkat. Im a big fan of yours since your first appearance on youtube years ago. How have you been
At 8:29am on April 8, 2012, Daniel said…

Hi... great videos! I really loves theme! Thanks for shareing too ous all.

At 12:19am on April 3, 2012, Marcelo de Abreu said…

Your videos are simple perfect! The knees are perfect, and the cute way and hotness from the girl, uaw, awesome! Keep busting, peace! :D

At 5:24am on March 31, 2012, d.p. said…

Hey just wanna say love the vids, you guys remind me of me and fiance.

At 1:45am on December 17, 2011, Dave said…

Hey guys! Hope all is well and that ya's are all ready for Santa Clause n that. I just wanted to give ya's a heads up there's someone posting vids of you guys on youtube with a fake story behind them as if the videos are their own. I just stumbled upon this clip that came in a related seach after a clip from here when the youtube embedding allows you to click one of several clips it suggest for you at the end of the vid being watched. They youtube poster, posing as Kat, says that she is busting her "brother in law" (Joe) but if you guys are a couple, I would guess it's safe to say that ya's aren't siblings. Anyways, the clip itself was outstanding, I mean really well done and all the credit for each of your clips should go to you two, not some poser. Here's the clip if you'd care to look into it. Great clip though. Kat is such an amazing kicker!

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