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A fan sent me this!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Erica Noelle Wang Mar 12, 2018. 12 Replies

After some feedback, a final version of a poster of me a fan sent me!Continue

Ballbusting series

Started this discussion. Last reply by Erica Noelle Wang Mar 15, 2017. 11 Replies

Hi guys! I am trying to compile all my short stories here for easy reference, do leave…Continue

Erica Noelle Wang Interview

Started this discussion. Last reply by Berkey Jul 30, 2017. 94 Replies

A lot of guys have messaged me asking me to do a interview so here I am!Continue

Has anyone ever witnessed..

Started this discussion. Last reply by joshua patton Feb 24, 2018. 39 Replies

A guy get kicked lightly by accident, but it results in him going down and suffering a rupture? Continue

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mike replied to Erica Noelle Wang's discussion Ball breaking teacher in the group BB Stories (Fiction)
"That’s a really hot story.  Repetitive knees while he’s holding onto her with his face in her breasts would be even hotter."
Aug 14
Erica Noelle Wang commented on Tommy Tamakeri's blog post bb philosophy
Apr 30

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**PLEASE NOTE: ONE-WORD ANSWERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. WE PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO THIS WEBSITE, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE COMPLETELY. THANKS!** What Country are you from? How many languages can you speak? We have members from all over the world here; if English is not your first language, use Google Translate on our homepage.
Hong Kong. I speak english.
How did you find this site? What drew you to this site? Please take these questions seriously; it helps to enrich the quality of this membership and gives others an idea of who you are, to better socialize in the chatroom and by messaging.
How long have you been into ballbusting and/or cuntbusting? And... what was your first experience like? (Give Details)
Since I was 15. Arousing, but scary too as I did not know what to expect from it.
How many people have busted you or have you busted in your lifetime? How often do you have the urge to bust or be busted? (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
Describe the feeling you get when the busting occurs (aroused, funny, empowered...)? Are the reasons for the bust out of self defense or is it for your entertainment? Do you have a busting buddy?
Mostly entertainment.
What's your favorite part of a bust (the kick, knee, punch) the 'ooowwww', the drop, rolling around, the inability to breathe...? (Give Details)
The threatening, then the kick, the taunting afterwards and watching him roll around/curl up dry heaving and gibbering. Also, it is very empowering to know that as a girl, if I kick him hard enough, one kick to him and bye bye balls forever.
Have you ever seen someone hit so hard they passed out, puked, cried, lost breath, made funny noises, shivering on the floor...? (Give details on what you saw)
I have seen my friend kick a guy there, and his low hanging nuts got twisted together and he had to get it operated on. I recently sent a buddy to the hospital with a well placed knee.
Describe the most memorable or most favorite bust you ever experienced? (Give the background, the details about the moment of impact, both of your reactions, how you both felt afterwards, the injuries, you know stuff like this...)
It would definitely be my first one, when I was 15. It was then where our school gave us detailed classes on male anatomy, and our school nurse told us firmly never to kick a guy "there", and she pointed at the testicles on a chart.
Most of the guy's turned red, and several girls asked why. At that time I had been wanting to get back at this boy who constantly teased me, so for a day after this, I kept imagining how he would be if I were to kick him. I provoked him, eventually, and acted very offended at his words and jammed my foot into his nuts. I earned myself the name "the nutcracker" that day, and until the day we graduated, I continued teasing him for his reaction to it (it was not pretty)
What are your favorite ways to bust or be busted? (Choose as many as you like)
sneaker kick, boot kick, barefoot kick, shin kick, quick hard knee, knee hard & hold

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A recent encounter where I send my buddy to the hospital with a well placed knee.

Posted on November 19, 2018 at 2:47pm 23 Comments

This guy I have been seeing, I wouldn’t call him a boyfriend. A boy toy I share emotions with, perhaps. He knows what turns me on, it scares him. I let him read some of my material, and take glimpses into my head. His breathing intensifies whenever I go near his testicles, be it my hands, my mouth, hips or legs.

He told me it’s more so intense because he knows that I know what I can do to him through them, what I have done. I have made him wet himself sexually just by massaging his…


My latest adventure

Posted on July 13, 2017 at 1:21pm 3 Comments

I know I have not been posting for awhile(busy with work and relationship) but I'll share some stories on what's been going on lately.

I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with this, but I LOVE being a huge cock tease to my men, and frequently turn on my partner big time, only to leave him hanging, promising a bigger reward when I finally go all the way with him. He really likes it a lot when I press my knee against his nuts while I go to work with my hands or mouth(at least I think he… Continue

Ex-Boyfriend Busts

Posted on July 6, 2015 at 9:30pm 8 Comments

Well there was this one guy in particular who was not really physically imposing, but he really knew how to push my buttons with his words. The first time I accidentally got him with my knee while we were cuddling, although it was very lightly. That got a confession out of him, about how while he had girls threaten to kick him there before, he had never actually been kicked by a girl. (He had a few close friends who were girls who have threatened to bust him before, although they were…


Sex ed class

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 10:19am 10 Comments

This was from when I was 15, and wanted to get back at a boy who was making me feel miserable. I am not a violent person, and hitting him there seemed more like a emergency button than a fight.

It took place a few days after a sex ed class our school nurse gave us, where she had specifically pointed at a chart of the male anatomy and told us girls to never kick a guy there, as the testicles were very delicate. She then proceeded to tell us a story about one of her friends who got…


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At 9:12pm on July 25, 2018, Allen Witts said…

Heya, reply to my message sometime?  I miss chatting with you!

At 1:56am on June 25, 2017, Allen Witts said…

I mean, I certainly get the appeal of dropping a guy in one shot- although wouldn't knees be tricky on taller people?  I'm 6'3, so geometry might be an issue :P

At 2:02am on May 22, 2017, aus bustee said…

Hope you're doing well and staying safe, have some great stories to share with you!

At 2:54am on March 17, 2017, Allen Witts said…

Curiosity, Erica- you've mentioned that the few times you've hit a guy he's gone down hard, and it wasn't pretty.  Have you ever squeezed a guy hard?  Do you like the idea of doing so, of having THAT much control at a whim?  ^^

At 9:18am on December 31, 2015, Leon Cook said…

Thank you for adding me as a friend. I hope we can share a pleasant correspondence. :)

At 2:40pm on September 8, 2015, Allen Witts said…

Hai!  Why you no respond to messages?  :'(  Hoping a grue hasn't eaten you or anything...

At 9:42am on June 5, 2015, Andy Lee said…

Welcome to the forums. If you were ever up for a chat, feel free to send me a msg. :)

At 10:35am on March 3, 2015, Aigis said…

Nice chatting with you Erica.. Better pump those knees for the next target :D

At 8:48am on March 3, 2015, Aigis said…

Thanks for the add. Hoping to hear from you :)

At 6:42pm on January 8, 2015, Kinkeri said…

I absolutely LOVE your stories! I hope we get to chat sometime! :D



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