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Achieved Blog Posts

Started this discussion. Last reply by Allen Witts Apr 19, 2018. 1 Reply

Is there any way to retrieve blog posts from users no longer active on the site?  There were a few that I was looking for but unable to find.Continue

Choking! Fun!

Started this discussion. Last reply by 0cioko9iga6tw Sep 19, 2016. 2 Replies

A question for all ya guys and gals out there- do any of you find choking/breathplay to be attractive?  For me, it's the whole control thing- much like a girl can have me by the balls, if she's…Continue

Formal Training?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Need 2 B Kneed Aug 22, 2016. 4 Replies

Hey all-Does anybody have much experience being busted by somebody who has formal martial arts and/or heavy self defense training?  I'm fascinated by the prospect, because the girl does have genuine…Continue

Valued Members

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ibrahim Moizoos Aug 5, 2016. 1 Reply

I'd  like to take a moment to make a place where instead of calling people out for their failings or faults, we call out those who contribute the most to the community, who are  the heart of what…Continue


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Allen Witts replied to Goddess Julez and Beast's discussion Ask The Goddess??
"What's the most awkward moment you've had that's busting-related?"
Allen Witts posted a status
Oct 9
Allen Witts replied to dvhour (Site Owner)'s discussion Alice in Bondageland vs Jozsef Cooper - This was alice's first experience on KITG. I'm Pissed.
"...what the hell?  what the actual hell? You do realize that the guy was repeatedly asking her to kick him, despite being total strangers and on the other side of the world.  I can't really blame her for being a bit snarky…"
Oct 1
Allen Witts replied to davo castoro's discussion A nasty future
"Basically, everything Eric said."
Sep 17
Allen Witts replied to Diana Rony's discussion POV stories
"Interesting question.  I know exactly what you're talking about- how with some stories, the writing seems overly sexualized, focusing on women's ass/legs/boobs with way too many adjectives, etc.  For fictional stories, I tend to…"
Sep 10
Allen Witts replied to Elizabeth's discussion Interview With Elizabeth
"Why would that matter?  (low hanging)"
Sep 10
Allen Witts commented on chahra LAROZA's video
Sep 2
Allen Witts replied to Mrs Dominatrix's discussion Ballbusting event
"Translation issue, at a guess.  "Sisterhood" might make more sense to you."
Sep 2
Allen Witts commented on Elizabeth's group Martial Artists
"@Ted I really respect that candor, by the way.  I just wanted to recognize you :)"
Aug 29
Allen Witts joined Elizabeth's group

Martial Artists

If you are a martial artist, were a martial artist, are interested in a martial art, or just want to watch, welcome!If you are a martial artist, post a comment saying what you have experience in, and for how long.See More
Aug 29
Allen Witts commented on Britney's video

Kicked in Keds + Foot Kiss

"@Tyler do realize that she's the one in the video, yes?  :P"
Aug 25
Allen Witts commented on Katkat's photo


"@A.W. Hear hear! @Logan The previous comment was in the future tense :P"
Aug 12
Allen Witts commented on Katkat's photo


"Holllyyyyyy shit.  Damn, girl.  You look good."
Aug 11
Allen Witts replied to Smack My Nuts's discussion BallsBounty Chapter 1 in the group BB Stories (Fiction)
"I really like your writing style, btw- you write with a hell of a lot less hyperbole than most people do, and it's really appreciated ^-^"
Aug 7
Allen Witts replied to dafne's discussion busting my bf ideas
"When you say "including" do you mean that it MUST be public, or that it MAY be public?"
Jul 29
Allen Witts commented on comrade's video

Ballbusting Meme (Omoi wa moe, Shindeiru)

"@comrade lol.  That knee though... she doesn't hold back with her kneecap and it shows XD  Straight into one ball?"
Jul 21

Profile Information

**PLEASE NOTE: ONE-WORD ANSWERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. WE PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO THIS WEBSITE, SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE COMPLETELY. THANKS!** What Country are you from? How many languages can you speak? We have members from all over the world here; if English is not your first language, use Google Translate on our homepage.
I'm originally from Australia, but I've been in America for around fifteen years. I speak English natively, and can (kinda) carry a conversation in Spanish (I leave my Elvish habits unmentioned mostly...)
How did you find this site? What drew you to this site? Please take these questions seriously; it helps to enrich the quality of this membership and gives others an idea of who you are, to better socialize in the chatroom and by messaging.
I found this site through Google, originally. It's a far friendlier site than many others online, and has a lot of people who seem to have brains (unlike elsewhere).
How long have you been into ballbusting and/or cuntbusting? And... what was your first experience like? (Give Details)
I've been into it for around five-six years (I'm currently 22), but I've always been quite shy. My first experience was a bit of a shock and rather awkward, but kind of nice- a friend of mine kind of shyly kneed me once, and I went and sat down and bent over for a bit- it was a bit of an unexpected flash of pain.
How many people have busted you or have you busted in your lifetime? How often do you have the urge to bust or be busted? (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
I've been busted by three people- two of whom were isolated incidents, one recurring.
Describe the feeling you get when the busting occurs (aroused, funny, empowered...)? Are the reasons for the bust out of self defense or is it for your entertainment? Do you have a busting buddy?
I tend to be fairly aroused and emotionally excited, though of course there is an undercurrent of fear...
What's your favorite part of a bust (the kick, knee, punch) the 'ooowwww', the drop, rolling around, the inability to breathe...? (Give Details)
For me it's probably the loss of power, the sense of being controlled. I like when I'm a bit desperate, struggling to hold on.
Have you ever seen someone hit so hard they passed out, puked, cried, lost breath, made funny noises, shivering on the floor...? (Give details on what you saw)
I have not seen any of these (side note- I've actually never seen somebody else busted irl, though I have came across the aftereffects).
Describe the most memorable or most favorite bust you ever experienced? (Give the background, the details about the moment of impact, both of your reactions, how you both felt afterwards, the injuries, you know stuff like this...)
Me and a friend got together, and I got hit pretty hard and repetitively- my favorite was probably when I got kicked hard a few times, went down, and she pounced on me and started squeezing my balls while I writhed.
What are your favorite ways to bust or be busted? (Choose as many as you like)
barefoot kick, back heel kick, wheel-barrel kick, barefoot stomp, barefoot gas-peddling, barefoot v-stomp, shin kick, quick hard knee, knee hard & hold, quick hard thigh, other

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At 12:39pm on July 4, 2019, Maria + Adrian said…

this one's a cutie! :P 

- maria

At 9:44am on April 15, 2018, April Castro said…

Hello there,

Thank you, for your kind words.


At 11:01am on March 26, 2017, Erica Noelle Wang said…

I'm not a big fan of squeezing a guy's balls.. A solid connection with a direct knee usually does it for me.

At 3:21am on February 17, 2016, Christina Brimmington said…
I don't bite ;)
But I will if you want me too!
At 4:08am on April 16, 2015, Berascal said…

Sorry, I'd fallen asleep with the page open.

Allen Witts's Blog

She Tied Me To A Cross

Posted on June 3, 2017 at 8:30pm 5 Comments

After a bit of talking and her figuring out what knots she wanted to use, she wound up tying me to a tall Saint Andrew's Cross (We only had 2 pieces of rope, so she only tied my hands to two metal rings at the top of the X). She had me strip down to only underwear first; it was my first time ever tied to a Cross, and was kinda scary as shit... she was barefoot, wearing formfitting black leggings and a snug long-sleeved undershirt.

After quickly checking that my circulation was okay,…


An Intense Scene

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 8:31pm 1 Comment

We had been playing on the bed for a bit. I had made her a simple rope leash to go with my brown leather collar. She ordered me to stand up, and admire my body for a little. Then she ordered me to come, and walked barefoot a short distance from the bed with my leash in hand. I followed her, and stood before with my legs spread. She aimed her kick once, twice, and then kicked me full on in the balls. A spike of pain shot through my body from my aching testicles and then she did it again. And…



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