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 *This is a fictional story continuing the ballbusting between step-siblings things may get more hardcore from here.


* This story is through the point of view of John.


 It has been pretty hectic, I just found that my parents are getting divorced, my  dad cheated on my step mom and she kicked him out. My mom is very easy going  but she's very anti-man now. I heard her talking about the ballbusting thing with my step-sister and the sex but she wasn't mad because we aren't blood related, that's a relief.


They are bonding now and they went shopping. I was about to start masturbating but they came home rather quickly. They placed a bag on the coffee table and began to talk to me.


"Johnny, how long have you been masturbating?" my step-mom asked.


" um, since I was 8."  I admitted.


" You love masturbating?" She asked.


"Yes." I said sheepishly.


My sister took out a contraption it was  a CHASTITY BELT! I tried to run and when I turned around my mother kicked her leg upward from behind hitting the bottom of my sac and connecting with my balls!


I fell flat on the floor and rolled over clutching my balls and frantically kicking my legs.


" My BALLS!", MOM you KICKED my BALLS!" I exclaimed emphasing on the part that my own step-mother, an adult booted my balls.


She moved my arms away pinning my shoulders down as my sister stripped me and placed the chastity belt on me.


I sat up and looked down at my crotch, I looked up when I heard my sister's voice, she was holding a small remote with two red buttons.


" When the top button is pressed your penis will be electrocuted, when the bottom is pressed your balls will be electrocuted." My sister explain and I whimpered hearing such brutal things that could happen to my manhood.


" We should press both buttons at the same time!" My mom said excitedly.


" You can't do . . ." I began to argue then I felt the shock go through my shaft . . .


"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" I exclaimed. As I  kicked my legs faster and harder.


The pain rushed through my dick as the tube squeezed it.


I blacked out.


I  woke up uncomortably in my bed the next morning. My cock hurt cause of the pressure on it of the chastity belt working to rid my morning wood and the pressure on my balls! I woke up and searched my room to find no clothes whatsoever!


I walked out of my room then turned around noticing my door was gone!


I walked downstairs to the kitchen and noticed my step mom and sister making breakfast NUDE.


Now I'd seen my sister's body before but not my step-mom's. She was  a goddess! Not obese but not anexoria thin either, she was quite fit with tan skin and a huge rack and ample ass like her daughter.


I gazed at her ass as she bent over reaching for a top cabinet, I groaned slightly as the cock cage fought against my arousal and the pressure in my balls began.


She turned around and I nearly doubled over from the pressure on my cock as I gazed at her huge breasts!


" F cups, honey; all natural." She said in a soft voice.


My sister pressed the button on the remote and a shock of electricity surrounded my sac and shocked  the orbs inside.


" AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I exclaimed doubling over clutching my balls.


" My BALLS! My BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


---8 months later, present---


It's been 8 months in this damn cock cage. I sit down to pee now, I have blue balls which causes my balls to ache. I'm pretty sure my pubes are gone from the constant shocking of my package.

Oh no, my mom walks into my room now, I sit on my king sized bed.  She is naked with her hands behind her back.


She shows me a key and dangles it.


" time for release." She says.


YES!!! This is great. I pull the covers off myself and she unlocks the cock cage and slips it off.


My dick leaks precum and my mom sits down next to me.


She moves my hand that was about to grab my dick and places it on her breast.


She takes her hand and she gently grasp my shaft beginning to softly jack me off.


I'm close to coming and she moves her hands down to my sac gently playing with my balls. I grab both breasts and squeeze them tight as I cum, closing my eyes then widening them and groaning akin to the sound I make when hit in the balls.


After I finish, she places the chastity belt on me, I try to stop her but she succeeds.


" You've gone 8 months until release, now we're gonna try 12." She says in a sweet voice again.


FUCK. A year in this contraption.








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Amazing story!




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