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Aunt ballbusting

Hello y'all, this is my first story i ever wrote. i appreciate feedback and tips. Also my mother language is dutch so my english isn't perfect! :D

another important thing, i'f you don't like family related ballbusting stories or incest i suggest you to not read it (you can if you want ofcourse...) If you're not into this but read it still... please spare me the comments how family ballbusting and incest is just wrong. We all have our own thing and well this is mine. :D

anyways, hope you enjoy the story!


Nick was an 17 year old boy. He was pretty good looking but didn't have much succes with the girls. basicly because he was very shy and didn't know how to act "cool" when he was around girls. At age 17 he still didn't have sexual activities going on. But like most guys of his age he watched porn and masturbated alot. But not the porn normal boys would watch...

Nick had a fetish that he kept secret for years, ... Ballbusting. He could spend hours reading stories and posts on forums by fellow ballbusting lovers. They were making him excited, horny but mostly jealous. Nick had never been busted in his entire life! but that was about to change.

Because of his many hours spending on the internet looking up things about ballbusting. He found a story that made him even more excited then usual. The story was family related... a brother had asked his sister to kick him in the balls and she happiely busted her brother his balls until he couldn't take it anymore. After reading the story Nick now knew that he wanted family members to bust his balls more then anyone else. He didn't have a sister so that was something he could only fantasize about. He quickly went looking for mother, aunt and cousin stories. Which he also liked alot. However, he knew his mom would NEVER bust his balls so he quickly forgot about that. He didn't have any female cousins of his age, only a 12 year old but that was just wrong he said to himself. So he began to think of his aunts ... which was also hard for him since he had 7 aunts to pick...

He quickly began to think about his aunts, who he was 99% sure she would for fill his dark desires. Soon there were only 2 aunts left... his godmother, probably the prettiest of the family. She had short blond hair, pretty face, big tits, she was abit on the thick side but not fat at all. She had very long legs and a nice ass. He knew she would like to bust some balls because he had heard her talk about men from her work ... like they get a car from their work just because they've got a dick and balls between their legs and stuff like that. Yes she was a real feminist and yet she had always been sweet to him so he forgot that fantasy.

The other aunt was the aunt who took care of him when he was younger and his parents were working. She had 2 sons so he would play with them for most of his time. He always thought his aunt was attractive. She was a petite brunette, short hair, VERY nice legs and ass. She was on the skinny side and didn't have very big tits but they looked nice anyways! The main reason why he chose her was because she still had the teenage behavior sometimes. meaning she liked to party, drink, she was very open and liked to talk about pretty much everything.

Well Nick soon had alot dirty fantasies about him and his aunt. And was thinking of ways to get his aunt bust his balls. First he wanted it to make it an accident but he wanted his aunt to know about his fetish. So he made up a plan...

He knew his aunt worked half time and that she went to have lunch at Nick's grandmother. So Nick decided to stay home from school, he faked sick infront his mother and fortunatly he got away with it. His grandmother came to pick him up for lunch. When he arrived at his grandmothers house his aunt was already there. They eated, talked, just the usual stuff. When he was done he asked for ride home to his grandmother but his aunt said she was going home aswell and she would drop him off. On the ride home Nick and his aunt talked about school and the normal stuff. The next question was his chance to build it up to a ballbusting conversation...

"So, what are you going to do?" his aunt asked him. He wanted to tell her that he was probably going to watch porn but he chickend out so he just said. "Probably watch TV and play some video games."

Not so suprised his aunt said "Aah, the normal stuff!"

A moment of silence broke. Nick knew this was the perfect and probably the only chance he will have in a while so he decided to make it a little interesting.

"Ah well I'll probably end up watching porn or something!" he said while laughing abit.

Luckly for him his aunt laughed aswell. and from A she went to B... She asked him if he had a girlfriend, if he had sex once, stuff like that. He had to say no to pretty much all of her questions.

To his suprise she asked him: "Do you masturbate alot while watching porn?" She had a sexy playfull smile on her face when she asked that.

He wasn't going to lie so he shyly said: "Yeah, kinda." He was bluching abit. "Hey its okay if we talk about this stuff and you don't have to worry about me telling it to your mother or something." His aunt said that more serious now. He didn't know what to say so he just let out an "Uh-huh." He was starting to feel more comfortable again. His aunt was still very curious so she just kept asking him questions.

"Whats your favourite porn?" His aunt asked while trying to act serious but Nick could see a small smile on her face the whole time. Nick thought for a second if he was just going to say normal sex scenes or if he was finally going to reveal his dark secret.

He chickend out once again and said he just watched normal sex, blowjobs and handjobs So his aunt asked more questions about BJs and HJs... Nick was so horny about his aunt talking like that so he said to himself he was just going for it!

"There is one kind of porn that i like the watch, infact its my favourite kind a porn... Nick was shaking a breathing heavy after he said this, his heart never beated so hard and the sweat was running down to his chin. And not to forget he had a raging hard on which was clearly visible through his thin shorts. His aunt noticed it all, from his sweat to his hard on.

Not trying to hide her smile his aunt asked: "My, it has to be something embarrising since you are so nervous about it!" Nick remained silent after she said that.

"So, what is your favourite porn? It can't be that embarrising, right?"

Nick grabbed all his courage together and said with a long breath: "My favourite porn is ballbusting." He had never been so nervous in his life. It looked like forever untill his aunt awnserd.

His aunt looked at him strangely. "You're going to have to explain it abit because i don't really know what that is! I asume it has something to do with your testicles, or not?"

Nick was relaxing abit because he could explain what it was. Trying not to freak her out. "Yes it has something to do with the testicles." He became silent again after he said that

His aunt waited for a moment because she thought something else was coming but Nick didn't say anything. "What happens with the testicles then? Does a girl have to suck on them or something?" because that can be nice. Although i thought that was just something that happend in a BJ..." His aunt became very curious about ballbusting.

Nick knew there was no way back so he just spit it all out. "No thats not quite what ballbusting is. Well it is if you bite on them." He was going to explain it further but his aunt interrupted him before he could continue.

"Wait... Ballbusting is about inflicting pain to the balls???" She was kinda confused because she didn't think any guy could enjoy pain to balls. although she seemed to like the idea because she was still smiling abit.

Nick saw the her smile and got a lit more confident about the situation. "Yes thats pretty much what ballbusting is about." His aunt noticed he was less nervous now so she started asking questions about it. First about his health and stuff.

"But isn't that dangerous?" She asked

"Well i wouldn't say its 100% safe but balls are much stronger like people always say. and if you are carefull enough nothing serious could happen really." he said hoping his aunt was getting more interest in ballbusting.

"So have you been ball busted alot before?" her smile became bigger and bigger. Nick wasn't going to lie to her. "Unfortuantly i haven't, so its basicly still just a fantasy of me."

"Have you kicked someone in the balls before?" Nick was kinda curious about her BB experience. "I have, some boys at school, my brothers and cousins. But never really hard because everyone used to tell us not to hit boys in the privates.

"And did you like it?" he asked. "Well i didn't think much of it back then but i guess it made me feel alot stronger since everyone said the boys were the stronger sex. And it was funny watching the boys holding their balls and rolling around on the ground in pain." His aunt was starting to feel abit horny at that moment so she quickly added: "So... i guess i did enjoy busting boys their balls. She was laughing out loud after she said that.

Nick was in heaven. His aunt just told him she liked kicking guys in the balls and he could tell it was making her horny abit. They started asking questions to each other. Nick asked her what she had used to bust balls... knee, foot, fist, etc... They talked about video's and stories on the internet that he had seen.

Soon they arrived at his home. Nick didn't get out right away to talk about ballbusting abit more. His aunt knew what he wanted but didn't think it was something she should do altough she wanted it more then everything at that moment. So she told him.

"Nick, I know what you want but I don't think i can give it to you. Nick had a dissapointed look on his face. "I'd really love busting your balls bust it just wrong." She said. "But, ... no one has to find out. It can be our secret." He said with a smile on his face. But his aunt still thought it was wrong and didn't do it. Nick was about to get out the car but then his aunt took ahold of his cock with her left hand. This really took him by suprise.

"But please Nick, promise me you'll take care of this." She kissed him on the cheek and drove her right fist straight into his balls. all the air was pushed out of his lungs when her hand connected. With her hands still on his manhood, she said:"I'm sure it won't take long to come after our little chit chat. Ooh and its making your balls vulnerable as you can see." She had the most sexy smile on het face when she did all that.

She was right about everything but he didn't really know what to say so he just said: "Thanks for being the first one to bust my balls, aunt." she said: No problem, nephew. Nick got out of the car and his aunt went home. Both feeling horny but yet not satisfied enough. Nick was happy with his first bust, it hurt alot, but he wanted more then just a punch.

His aunt couldn't stop thinking of him, she wanted to bust his balls more then everything and she thought about what Nick said."It can be our secret." After abit thinking she had changed her mind. she quickly went to her room to get other clothes. she still had her working clothes on and didn't think she looked sexy enough to bust her nephew's balls. she put on red stockings, bra and a thong. She looked to herself in the mirror and was happy with her choice. For the rest of her clothing she put on her shortest skirt, a tank top that came just above her belly button and you could have a nice view of her tits. Her thong came sticking above her skirt abit and her top didn't cover it so everyone could clearly see she had a thong on. She put on some boots but decided to take some other shoes with her. because she didn't know what Nick liked the most. she took a quick look at herself in the mirror and said to herself that she was ready to go. She stepped in to her car and went to Nick's place.

Nick couldn't stop thinking of his aunt that day, he was dissapointed that she didn't want to bust his balls. He was abit scared in case she tells someone about what he had said to her. He still had a raging hard on and decided to take care of it. So he went to his computer and watched some ballbsting video's while playing with his 7 inch cock. Soon as he was ready to cum he heard a car stop at his house. He looked through his window and couldn't believe his eyes. It was his aunt!!! the first thing he thought was that she changed her mind and rushed down stairs. He heard the door bell and he opened the door with a huge smile on his face. His aunt also stood there with a big smile and greeted her nephew.

"Hey Nick, looks like you're ready for me." looking at his crotch where his erection was clearly visible. Nick took a look as well and blushed abit but he kept smiling. when he went to look in his aunt her eyes again, he saw her foot come up to his crotch and it hit his balls with devastating force. It was nothing compared to the punch she gave him. although she hit him very hard he remained standing and she was pretty impressed.

"I told you that made your balls vulnerable. Although i'm pretty impressed you're still standing." She said with a big smile on her face still. Nick was also still smiling and once again thanked his aunt for busting his balls. She could get used to this she said to herself, hurting a guy in his manhood and getting thanked for it. Nick invited her in and they went to sit in the living room to talk about what Nick liked the most, what his aunt would like to try on him and stuff like that.

"Okay you want to go to my room? Incase we make a mess and my mom would notice." He said. "Suits for me." his aunt said. So they went upstairs still talking abit about BB. How happy she was that he told her he liked it, and how happy he was he finally got busted.

"So Nick, wanne start with some knees first? I'd like to try that and since its your favourite method i think its a good idea." his aunt said. "Yeah i would love too, aunt. But do you want me to go naked or will this do for now?" Nick liked ballbusting with clothes and without. But he only like naked ballbusting when the girl was naked or almost naked too.

"Either way works. Maybe we should try with clothes first, we can still loose them later." Nick quickly agreed. He wanted to ask if his aunt was going to put off some clothes too, then but he was to scared to ask her because she might think he's into incest or something. which he was but he figured he already revealed enough secrets today!

Once they were in his room they didn't know what to say or do. could she just start without asking? Or did he want to stand on a certain place? She knew how he liked it because their talk in the living room but she still wasn't 100% sure about the situation.

"So, you wanne stand at your bed? incase you fall or something. Or maybe against the wall? His aunt asked him. I'll stand against the wall. that way i can lean against the wall and push my balls abit closer to you." They were both smiling but wanted to be more serious.

"Okay, Are you ready? she asked him. "Yes, i think so."

She took a hold on his shoulders and he placed his hands on her side just above her ass. She whispered: "Okay, here goes ..." With that she swung her right knee with medium force in the his balls. "... again ... again ... again ..." When she started kneeing his cock was half erect and after 3 knees it was rock hard again!

"I like it how your cock goes hard by hurting your balls!" She said while laughing but she didn't stop kneeing. He let out a little grunt and just smiled when she said that. soon he had taken 15 knees to the balls, each knee getting stronger after every hit. At the 15th knee he let out a little scream and took a hold of his balls but didn't fall down.

His aunt took his hand from his groin and started to rub his balls and said: "C'mon, lets make it up to 20." She started kneeing his balls again, again increasing her power after every hit she gave him. The 20th knee was full force and he fell on his knees. His aunt made him stand up and she took him on to his bed. She laid next to him and started to rub his balls.

"Are you okay, honey?" She asked him with a bit concerned look but feeling better then ever in the inside. "Yeah, i'm fine. Thanks" he let out a little smile.

"So, are you still liking it?" His aunt asked him with a mean, playfull grin on her face. He could see she was enjoying this very much, much more then he expected.

"Every second of it. And i can tell you are too." pointing at her stiff nipples. "Hey, don't look at your aunt like that!" she said laughing and gave him a slap to his balls. He let out a grunt but kept smiling.

"I can't believe you're still hard after all those knees. I like it tho, having a young stud with an erection and that likes getting his balls a bashing. It let mee feel young and sexy again."

"Ooh, but i think you're still very hot for your age. otherwise i wouldn't have told you all this i think." He said very serious. He could see she liked it what he said. She came to stand on her fours above him, one knee between his legs.

"Thank you." With that she gave him a kiss on his mouth and gave him a light knee to his balls. She went to sit on her knees between his legs and while retreating from the kiss she brushed her tits against his hard cock and when her face was at his crotch she blew some hot air on his cock and balls. That made his cock really twitch and she noticed.

She had a big grin on her face and asked: "Are your balls ready for more?"

"You bet." and went to sit up straight. "What about your cock, is he ready for something more?" Nick didn't know what she meant at first but it quickly became clear as she began to strip down from her top and skirt. Soon she was stripped to her red bra, thong and stockings. He didn't think his cock could get any harder at this point. it felt like it was going to explode.

"So, what do you want to try now?" His aunt asked. "I don't know ... just some kicks maybe? or mixed kicks and knees?" She liked his suggestion.

"What about my shoes?" do you want barefoot or boots? Ooh and i got some other shoes in my car, i didn't know what you liked so i just took some with me." She said while smiling up at him.

He appreciated she took some extra shoes with her but he preffered barefoot. and she happyly agreed. She went to stand infront of him.

"Okay, are you ready?" She asked him. "Yup, go for it" He said being more confident then the first time she asked that. She drew her leg behind her and she swung it back with medium force into my balls. Her foot mostly hit my thigh and didn't really hurt my balls. She laughed because she missed and just tried again. After five more kicks he asked her if she wanted him to pull down his pants so she would see my balls better. She had missed 4 of 5 kicks so she said yes. He pulled down his pants and pulled his shirt off because he thought it was a ridicoules sight, naked cock and balls with still a t-shirt on.

"Boxers too?" he asked knowing almost 100% sure what her awnser was going to be. She wanted to see his naked cock and balls she wasn't sure if he wanted to let her see it because he asked her if he had to pull down his boxers too. So she said: "I'll try it like this first, i can see your balls abit better like this." So she took another shot to his balls but missed. She was kinda annoyed and run up to him and kneed him full force.

"I forgot we were going to do mixed kicks and knees." She said with a sexy tone in her voice and laughed abit. Nick didn't fall but he bend over and put his hand on his knees and laughed with her. she didn't wait and tried to kick him in the balls once more. This time she went in the good direction but hit the tip of his cock and he fell to his knees with a little yelp. He was suprised of how much it hurted him.

"Did i get them this time?" She said in a kind of girly tone but smiled very sexy. "No unfortuantly, you hit the tip of my cock. I'm suprised how much it hurt, though."

"Well maybe thats because you have a hard on the whole time. I think you should cum... If you still can!" She laughed out loud with that comment she gave him. He ofcourse laughed with her yet he had a concerned look at his face and she noticed it.

"I'm just kidding but i can check your balls if you want?" She asked with a caring voice. He accepted the offer ofcourse. "One condition though, your boxers remain off after i checked you." She had a grin from ear to ear on her face. Nick thought he could try to get a little extra for himself so he said.

"Okay, but you have to take of that bra if you want my dick to stay out of the way while you're kicking my balls."

"Haha, I'm pretty sure he will remain standing if i just kept busting your balls but okay... I'll take my bra off if you'd like to see my tits." He knew he was right about his cock... that he would remain erect if she just busts his balls. but hey, it worked!

"You first." She said while still grinning. He took a hold of the waist band and started pulling his boxers down. Moving very slow so he could tease his aunt abit. When he was at the end his cock sprang up and hit his belly which made his aunt laugh. She admired his 7 inch cock and very low hanging balls, they were abit red of all the busting but he looked fine. She was going to take to oppertunity to hold his naked balls though so she didn't say anything. She was going to check his balls before taking her bra off but Nick the said: "Your turn to show your package, aunt." He had an excited look on his face and his aunt liked that. Busting balls was a huge turn on but busting a young guy who actually thinks she's still hot for her age was really making her horny.

She took of her bra to show her perfectly round breasts, slightly hanging but not low enough to say she has hang tits. She could see his red penis head grow slightly and it got a purple shade on it. They both liked what they saw but didn't say a word of it. An akward silence broke while they were admiring each other but his aunt came to reality again and asked if he was ready for his check. and he said yes. she took a hold on his balls and rolled them between every finger she had, squeezing a little bit. She took her time but noticed that Nick was enjoying this as he moaned softly while she was massaging his balls.

"Everything looks fine, Nick. They're a bit red and maybe swollen, ... i don't know if you always have big balls like this!" She said while laughing. Nick laughed aswell and took a look himself. "Thats pretty much how they always are." His aunt was kinda suprised when he said that, she really thought they were swollen. "Well you have a very nice pair then!" giving him a little slap. "Thanks, aunt" He let out a little grunt. His aunt started to massage his balls again but quickly asked if she could squeeze them.

"I know you like to be squeezed between hits but can i squeeze them now, please? I really want to try that." Nick thought about it for a sec and looked his aunt in her eyes. How could he say no to her? "Ooh okay then, but not full strenght and not to long." He could she the happyness in her eyes when he said that. "I'll start slow." she whsipered while starting to squeeze. The first 5 seconds still felt good but after that it started to get uncomfortable and after 5 more seconds it actually started to hurt and his aunt noticed and stopped squeezing harder. He was kind of enjoying this, he told his aunt that he wasn't a huge fan of squeezing but he just got proved wrong. After 30 seconds his aunt was kinda suprised he didn't put a stop to this. So she asked: "Are you still okay, Nick? Or do want me to stop?" Nick didn't want this to stop. "No i actually like this, aslong as it isn't to hard." His aunt was very happy to hear this because she really enjoyed doing this. She felt so powerfull holding his balls like this. After 30 more seconds she wanted to do something else.

"You know... I still owe you some kicks, remember?"Still squeezing and a wicked sexy smile on her face. "Yeah I do remember and I think I'd like some now." He smiled back at her.

She gave him a good last squeeze, definatly harder then before and he let out a little moan. She went to stand infront of him once again.

"Ready?" His aunt asked. "Yes, hopefully you can hit some this time." He said playfully to his aunt. She laughed at his comment but thought to her self: "Oh I'll show you I CAN hit your balls, boy!"

She swung her leg back and let it fly up against his unprotected nuts with full force. She hit both of his low hanging balls and she could really feel his balls mash between her foot and his pelvic bone. She knew she had them good but was worried soon after he hit the floor. He was rolling on the floor almost crying: "My balls... ooh my balls..." His aunt went to sit next to him and tried to calm him down. When he did calm down she grabbed his balls to look for any damage but they felt normal. didn't take long before they were both laughing again.

"Oh my god, you really got me good with that one." Nick said smiling again. "Hah well, your comment about finally hitting your balls made me a little mad. So you had it coming!" She winked at him when she said that.

"Well i'm done with the kicks for now if you don't mind." He said while walking to his bed to lay down. "Okay, fine with me." his aunt said while following him. She went on the bed and sat between Her nephew's legs, massaging his balls to make him fully erect again. Her last kick made his cock almost limp. When it was back to his full size she couldn't stop thinking to make him cum. But Nick finally spoke.

"You want to do some punches, aunt? He asked excited. His aunt wanted to but was kinda scared of doing damage to his balls. "You sure? Because you had quite a beating already."

"I'm fine aunt, thanks. I can still take a few medium force punches, I Think. He said to his aunt. His aunt was happy to bust his balls some more know that she knew he was fine. "You wanne do the squeezing between hits thing we spoke of earlier?"

"Yeah, sounds fun." So his aunt started punching his balls and after 10-15 punches she would squeeze his balls for about 30 seconds. They did 5 sets of this and they had to stop because he couldn't take it anymore.

"Are you okay, Nick?" His aunt asked with a concerned tone. "I'm just fine, a bit sore but thats pretty normal after the beating i got." They both started laughing and she started to massage his balls.

"Want me to check your balls again or are you feeling good?" His aunt asked again. "I'm feeling good but you can, just to be sure." He smiled shyly when he said that and she smiled back at him and started to check his balls. she again took her time, she loved how his balls felt in her hands. They were abit swollen now though. While she was rolling around his balls between her fingers she saw Nick had his eyes closed and she knew he was enjoying this and clearly didn't mind having other sexual pleasures together besides from ballbusting.

"Your balls are okay, Nick." Waking up from his trance he once again thanked his aunt. "Thank you for doing all this, aunt. I had the greatest time of my life with you." She could tell he meant all of it. "Ooh no problem, Nick. I enjoyed it alot myself."

"You think we can do this more often?" Nick asked his aunt even though he was sure of her awnser. "Well, ofcourse honey! I'd love to bust your balls anytime you want." She could see the joy in his eyes, he had finally found a ballbusting partner. However his aunt wasn't satisfed enough. Since she was horny like hell and wasn't sexually active lately, she wanted to feel his cock inside her, wether mouth, pussy or in her ass. So she quickly came up with a plan.

"Well there is one more think we have to check before we can do ballbusting again." Nick wasn't 100% sure what she meant but he had some thoughts, and was liking them very much. "What's that, aunt?" She didn't hesitate to tell him what she meant. " We have to see if you can still cum, don't you think?" Nick was in heaven but he wasn't sure if she was going to make him cum or that he just had to masturbate on his own. and the shy person he was, he suggested he went to the bathroom to masturbate. His aunt could see that he didn't want that. "Nonsense, I'll do it for you. That's the least i can do for busting your balls, even if you like it! she said while laughing out loud. Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing but he definatly wasn't going to refuse. "So, what do you want... a blowjob? Or do you prefer a handjob?"

Nick didn't know what to choose... a handjob seemed more harmless then a blowjob but he's been dying to know what a blowjob feels like. He looked at his aunt who was still massaging his balls and had a little smile on her face. She noticed he had a hard time choosing. "You'd like a blowjob? I'm in a blowjob mood. Or a handjob is always fun too, if you prefer that..." She showed more enthousiasem when she asked for a blowjob so Nick chose the BJ.

She started smiling more and took his cock into her hand, giving it 3 strokes to make it even harder then it was. "Are you ready, Nick? Ooh and, tell me if you're close to cumming, please. Nick agreed. "Okay, will do. I'm ready." With that she slid his cock into her warm wet mouth, making rounds with her tongue around his head. going up and down. This really felt alot better then he had hoped for and he was glad he chose the BJ. After a minute she took his cock deeper and deeper in her mouth until she had his 7 inch cock completly into her mouth. they were both moaning in pleasure but she paused for a moment. She went down to his balls. Her mouth felt nice on Nick his busted balls, he really didn't want this to stop. After a while he felt his was trying to do something with his balls, she began to use her teeth more. When he felt that his right ball was between his aunt her teeth he knew what she was up too. His aunt looked him straight in his eyes and smiled which showed his ball between her teeth. She winked at him and started to bite his ball, like a vice she clamped down onto his nude ball. She didn't bite him full force and only for 10 seconds but it did hurt alot. They both liked it alot! She released his ball and smiled at him. She was going to work on his cock again but he interrupted her by asking.

"What about the other ball?" She couldn't believe what he was asking. But she without saying something bite on his left ball too, this time alot harder and for 20 seconds! She smiled and saw he was in real pain. She looked at his balls and she clearly saw her teeth marks on the left ball. She started to work on his cock again and it didn't take him a minute before he was ready to cum.

"Aunt, i'm... about... to cum!" His aunt stopped sucking on his cock but started jerking instead. "C'mon baby! cum for your aunt!" She saw he was going to cum so she put her mouth just on the tip of his head and took all of his cum in her mouth. She milked him to the last drop. She had her hand on his balls squeezing a little bit.

"Wow, i never had a guy cum that much and damn... did it taste good. Ballbusting is good for pleasures and also for cum I guess!" She told her nephew. They looked at the clock and it was time for her to leave because Nick's brother was about to come home and her son too.

She got dressed but Nick didn't bother taking his clothes on for a now. He let her to the door and they kissed very passionatly. She gave him one last knee to balls, not very hard but enough to make him step back abit. She took his cock with her right hand and his balls with her left and started squeezing and jerking at the same time and said: "I can't wait for our next ballbusting session!" and she left.



Well folks, this was my first ballbusting story, i hope you enjoyed it and maybe you can give me some tips for other stories.

BTW: This is just a fantasy but i hope it happens to me someday! :D ooh and if you want me to continue this story i think i can write a second part of this


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nice story

Very nice first story indeed!

However, personally i like more details about each busts, a more detailed description of how her sexy feet (in stockings) and knees accelerates into his balls and what he/she thinks in the splitseconds it happens, the type/colour of shoes she wears, how his pain feels, etc.

The description of the last (hard) kick to the balls was better, instead of just how he gets 15 knees each one stronger than the previous...

But don't get me wrong, i really liked the story and good nice length also..! Keep it coming!


5 stars...please waiting for more

Great story!

good story would love to see a part 2 written :)

love it' great storie
someone say "personally i like more details about each busts" well me 2
love the family busts

Excellent story. I hope you have more of them!



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14. Mike donated 2x

15. Joe

16. jessica

17. Nate donated 2x

18. Lil Suzy

19. Kate

20. unknown  Initials TH

21. unknown  Initials KK

22. unknown  Initials SB

23. Devin S

24. Sydney Marie

25. Katie 

26. AR donated 2x

27. unknown  Initials KC

28. Sarah

29. unknown  Initials CN

30. JT

31. 2swollen

32. Barbara Ann

33. Renna

34. unknown  Initials RS

35. unknown  Initials SL

36. unknown  Initials RC

37. unknown  Initials LC

38. unknown  Initials DG

39. unknown  Initials YV

40. unknown  Initials TS

41. Wutchaknoboutdat 

42. unknown  Initials JP

43. unknown  Initials JD

44. unknown  Initials MK

45. unknown  Initials VR

46. unknown Initials DNWS

47. unknown  Initials BJ

48. allen

49. unknown  Initials MB

50. curious j 

51.  unknown  Initials MW

52.  unknown  Initials MS

53. Jayne

54. Slim Devil 

55.  unknown  Initials KI

56. Kneelover 

57. G Reezik

58.  unknown  Initials AS

59.  unknown  Initials DR

60.  unknown  Initials BG

61.  Chris Edgeler

62.  unknown  Initials SDk

63. Zarko

64. Fox & Wolf 

65. Bill

66. Shelby

67. Grace

68. Persis

69. Joice

70. Moth

71. Kristen Bananas

72. ericboucher

73. unknown Initials DP

74. Jax

75. RobertVaughn

76. unknown Initials DP

77. unknown Initials DP

78. unknown Initials ML

79. Edward D

80. unknown Initials LI

81. unknown Initials MU

82. unknown Initials JPP

83. unknown Initials RS-AN

84. Ludovico

85. unknown Initials JH

86. unknown Initials SH

87. unknown Initials BL

88. unknown Initials AR

89. unknown Initials SS

90. janos kovacs

91. Gary Little

92. unknown Initials JR

93. Knave!

94. matrat60

95. Sandra

96. Bailey

97. charlotte sweeper

98. unknown Initials EW

99. unknown Initials DC

100. unknown Initials JK

101. CL donated 2x

102. Jake Smithee

103. Jess B

104. michael m

105. unknown Initials JB

106. unknown Initials SG

107. unknown Initials BH

108. unknown Initials CS

109. Aaron

110. J S 

111.  kermichael

112. Nerdyballs

113. Ned

114. Richard Wildchild 

115. unknown Initials JH

116. unknown Initials MoA

117. bob 

118. Leah J.


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