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Here's a fun play on words. So you have at some point kicked a guy in the balls, thought about it or thinking about doing it now. Maybe its an imbecil coworker, to a jerk ex boyfriend, to the idiot store clerk that stole your money. OK so you start the sentence off by saying

"I want to kick him in the balls so HARD that..." and then you finish the statement. for example: "that his Adams apple now has company"... "that they flew out the corner pocket"... "that they are now part of his diet"... you get the picture. Be creative and have fun venting. :)

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You may have to use a baseball bat sound like fun?

I was fond of saying this to guys:


"I'll kick you in the nuts so hard you can kiss your sex life goodbye" or some variation of that.


Or if I was wearing heels or especially boots I'd say "I kick you with these and its instant peanut butter where your nuts used to be". or again some variation of that.


I usually enjoyed the looks on their faces. Pure shock and fear.

"I want to kick him in the balls so HARD that... he won't be able to walk straight. He'll have to waddle around like a duck."

"I want to kick him in the balls so HARD that... you won't be able to tell whether he's a man or a woman."

Classic one I used to hear here.......I'm gonna kick him in the balls so hard he sneezes jizz lol
I'll kick his balls so, hard he begs me to cut them off!

Yeah, dang, that's kinda hot.  Wow.


you are such dangerous Mistress Moira

they fly out of your mouth and hit me in the eye
How about you will kick him so hard it will take the jaws of life to pry him out of the fetal position
Just read all of these and man, "so hard he begs me to cut them off" is intense. Would be funny to watch that scene though. :-P

that your kids are born dizzy!

funny lol!



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