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Hey people, 

I need your help.  I have been with my fiance for a great two years, but I would love for her to bust my balls.  When we first started dating she use to joke about about 3 times and she actually hit me in the balls once, but other than that nothing.  

I have no clue how to tell her and I am afraid I would look strange to her or she will find me as strange.  Please help. 



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How did she react, when she actually did hit you? I'm honestly surprised you've waited so long to bring it up. Watch a movie or something that you know has a fairly realistic bust in it, and make some sort of comment on it. Whether it's that you don't think that'd hurt too bad, or ask if she's done it to anyone else before, and take it from there. Let her guide the conversation, once you spark it.
It's something you've got to ease into.... Start by asking for a squeeze at some semi-appropriate time, tell her how good it feels, and I'm sure you can go from there.
Do you two watch any porn together? It's really the easiest way to display the type of busting (kick/squeeze etc.) that you're interested in.

I don't want to be rude, but what is your sex life like now? Are you guys into anything rough? It helps to know what your landscape is like, before making suggestions about such an important part of your relationship.
Our sex life is pretty vanilla right now. When she bust me it seems like she enjoys it with a slight smirk or a slight smile but these bust are so few and far between, I am still very uncomfortable with bringing it up. I guess I am afraid of it drastically changing our relationship. I don't know, what is you guy opinion?
Twist her nipples as you call her "Cunt" I'm pretty sure she'll oblige you with a kick in your balls!
I know I would!
I just told my girlfriend flat out that it was what I was into.
Of course I just abide by two simple rules

First, don't get too extreme right off the bat. Just tell her something small like "try squeezing my balls, I think i'd like that" or something like that. Don't bombard her with every fantasy you have right off the bat.

Two, don't let it consume your sex life. I realize that my girlfriend probably only does ballbusting because I am into it. So most of the time I just try to be normal have have the kind of sexual encounter that she likes to have. What's great is that once a girl knows that something turns you on, even if you aren't pushing for it she will slip it in there once in a while. There have been times where I was being romantic with my girlfriend and suddenly felt her hand clamp around my balls.

My girlfriend isn't really what you'd call the sexually adventurous type. She isn't the kind of girl who you'd expect to be open to every fetish or playing a mistress in her spare time or anything yet even she goes along with bb to a certain degree when she found out I liked it. I still can't get her to really play the dominant role in the way i'd like her to (she wont do kicks, knees ect...) but she still does it and that's good enough for me!

As long as you make it clear that you have the fetish under control and it's not going to consume every aspect of your sex life, nothing should change. Just give her your typical sex most of the time and every once in a while ask for some BB. I think it becomes a problem when the fetish gets out of control. Imagine a girl is getting all hot for some romantic sex, then the guy gets down on his knees and asks to be kicked in the balls every time. It could really ruin the moment and therefor ruin the sex life if it is brought into inappropriate situations.
When making out tell her to grab your balls and tell her that it turns you on. As she gets turned on by foreplay ask her to squeeze them harder and harder as she gets more comfortable with knowing she can't really hurt you she will slowly accept this. Later on have her do it some more and ask her to rub her knee there and put pressure. After she gets used to this ask her to give you a slight knee and from there just really escalate. It is not that hard...
Lastly do NOT MARRY HER if she has a problem with hurting you... You will have more problems down the line.
Thx guys



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