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So there I was, chatting to this guy, and then he asks me "Have you been cuntbusted before"?

Now, I know that's the usual term, but applying it to myself didn't feel that great. Many women don't mind the word - after all it's just a word, and sometimes used in a playful and positive way - but most times this word is not used as a compliment. As compared to "ballbusting", which is really neutral, what are your feelings about the female version?

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Huh. I never really thought about cuntbusting at a term. I imagine it comes off as a bit more offensive, just because there aren't really many words to politely refer to a woman's vagina. All of them come off as awkward, whereas it's perfectly normal for a guy to talk about being hit in the balls/groin whatever. Groinbusting as a term would be a more neutral approach, but just sounds weird. >_>

How would you PREFER to be asked about your busting experiences? It seems easier to just ask if you've been "busted" before, with where being obvious depending on what gender you are.
When Mally and I talked about cuntbusting some weeks ago, I kinda giggled "One thing is for sure - this awful word was invented by a guy" lol imagine two siblings fight and he complains "Mom she kicked me in the balls", mother says "aha..." and then she complains "And he kicked me in the cunt" --- their mother will surely not mind the first... but the 2nd tho its the "official" word --- which is pretty bizarre, guys can say theirs, girls cant say theirs... sexiiiism :D

Personally, I discovered that i hardly feel like... blushing... when i say it to guys. Guys most likely even like when some girl uses vulgar language. But talking with another girl about busting things, I realized we had to use the "official" term for it cus there was no other, and despite of that, both of us felt like "what a fucked up term". Personally i'd never use the term "cunt"when talking with another girl Oo. Using it, I suddenly realized it made kinda... feel like i had to remark i wasnt convenient using that word. And Mally said like "lol its alright, but i knoooow its a shitty word". That was when i said this is embarrassing, some dude mustve made it up. So, as you suggested, Travis, I also simply refered further on to "cuntbusting" as busting in general then.

If I had made up that word it would be kind of honeypot-knocking or something playful like that but the teenager that i suppose who has made it up one day sure wasnt anything comparably gifted with erm... charme and poetry *cough* =^-^=
On Fetlife, cuntbusting is not listed as a fetish (and no one has added it). There is "Clit Spanking" and "Vag Smashing" but no cunt-busting. Either one of those sound more erotic than "cunt-busting." Cunt-busting makes you sound like a drunken North American teenager trying to come up with the worst swear words possible but failing due to poor vocabulary.

I honestly don't like the term ballbusting very much either. It sounds like you want to suffer permanent injury. On Fetlife profiles, I look for "ball-kicking" fetishists before "ballbusting."
Marina- How is a woman being offended by the word "cunt" but being fine with the word "balls" considered sexist?
jeremy - it's probably because it makes it sound acceptable to talk about a guy's groin but not a girl's groin.

i personally think the word 'cunt' is similar to the word 'nuts' in that they both sound kindof aggressive and vulgar. to me at least. and like travis said, there isn't really an everyday term like 'balls' for a girl's parts, and the technical terms (which are the most neutral) just sound weird in this context.
That's not even how it really is though. The word cunt is generally seen as offensive, as is the word prick. Those both refer to genitalia and are commonly used as insults. I don't see any sexism in being offended by words that are meant to offend.

I would more closely relate the word cunt with prick, and associate "nuts/balls" with the word "pussy". Pussy is used as an insult too, but more often than not I hear it used by females to describe their genitalia. I personally don't like the term and find the word "vagina" to be less awkward
just to add a little to the conversation: the word " vagina" was originally a Roman word that was used derisively much like cunt and snatch. The loose translation amounted to " sword-sheath", naturally meaning that the male was supposed to be in it most of the time, irrespective of the woman's desires, or, that the woman in question always had a male in her, as a prostitute would; in either case, both were meant as a demeaning comment.
Well, I don't think ballbusting is a neutral term, but I do agree that cuntbust is generally a negative term. I guess I have asked women here on the board in those words too. I guess I could just ask instead if she has been hit in the groin or between the legs.

@ Marina: I totally agree with you. Additionally, I suspect the word "*cunt*busting" was created intentionally to be derogatory; perhaps by men who were offended or felt threatened by ballbusting. Pride is a funny thing.

@ Rust Nyquist: Interesting. But if you read the book "Cunt; A Declaration of Independence" you will find that the word cunt actually used to be a respectful term that was later turned around to be demeaning. But regardless of original meaning, cunt and pussy are much more offensive than vagina these days.

(fyi, although I am a what one might loosely term a feminist, I do disagree with many of the viewpoints in the book "Cunt; A Declaration of Independence," especially around the derogatory viewpoint of male anatomy.)

It's a word I typically avoid because it's been forever polluted for me . I've only ever heard the word 'cunt' used as a derogatory term and insult, and the word 'pussy' I associate with genuinely abusive douchebags (long story). I'm sure these terms can be hot to some in the right context. Much like if a girl told me she was going to kick me in the balls, I find the word balls stupid, but in that context, well it's the hottest thing ever. I've also heard women use the word 'box' for example I was at a punk show one night when fisticuffs broke out and one girl comes out of the rowdy mixed crowd saying that she had just kicked the instigator 'in the box'.

By the way the 'clit spanking' group has about 12,000 members with that listed as an interest on fetlife. I guess that's a slightly different part of the anatomy, but there _is_ some commonality there. This term does not bother me at all.. I agree with Ned, sounds kinda hot actually. Interesting there are a lot of masochistic women into that, compared to being kicked.

Also Ned I agree, ball-kicking DOES sound so much better! (The only problem is, I like a lot more than just kicks!)
"Ball" is used to describe the shape of a man's testicle or a playful idea of what the testicle is, hence "balls", "nuts", "rocks", "oysters", "clam", "wontons", etc. To be politically correct, we could use "testicle-busting", but who's gonna say that, seriously.
So if the word "cunt-busting" is too strong to describe what is technically a "vagina-busting", I'd suggest going off the vagina's outer appearance or what a vagina is playfully thought to be (i.e Burger-busting, Taco-busting, Clam-busting, Box-busting, Hole-busting, Toe-busting, etc).

"Burger-busting"? This may be an analogy going too far... it could mean a visit to McDonald's gone horribly wrong :-) Just "busting" sounds like a good term to me, it applies both to boys and girls, and on this site it's pretty obvious what's being busted.


I like Marina's "honeypot" too, and saw "box" and "vag" used by teens on Youtube - that's what the next generation is going to use! "I've put my sparring gear on and now I have the vag of steel!" :-D

Lol @ burger-busting...



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